Jan 20, 2016 | By Tess

As Valentine’s Day slowly approaches, couples everywhere are sure to be looking for this year’s hottest gifts, whether that is a 3D printed fetus for expecting parents, or, a bit more traditionally, a unique and charming piece of jewelry. Well look no further because Italian jewelry brand Maison 203 is introducing their most recent collection of 3D printed jewelry just in time for the romantic holiday.

Maison 203’s most recent collection of 3D printed jewelry, Kalikon, includes two short necklaces, one long necklace, two different pairs of earrings, and one ring, each with the same distinct ring, or chain shape. What is most notable about the accessories is their structure, which, because of the inclusion of small ball joints, is entirely flexible. That is, each hollow ring in the jewelry possesses a small slit on its circumference which functions as a track, allowing the joints that connect two rings to move relatively freely.

The flexibility of the jewelry, especially of the necklaces, allows for clients to truly wear the jewelry, as it falls naturally over the body and moves along with it in a comfortable way. The necklaces also come equipped with a changeable hook that allows the wearer to adjust their length, and in the case of the long necklace, also its shape.

The collection was 3D printed using a sintered nylon material, and did not require any assembly, as the components of the jewelry were printed in one go. Each of the pieces is available in a variety of colors, as seen in the photos, which include powder pink, powder blue, sage green, jungle green, night blue, blood red, and black.

Overall, the collection is a remarkable fusion of design, geometry, and movement, made possible through additive manufacturing technologies. Additionally, Kalikon’s pieces are each visually appealing, as any wearer of the stately and colorful jewelry is sure to turn heads.

Maison 203 was founded by the Italian design couple, Orlando Fernandez Flores and Lucia De Conto and features several collaborations with designers coming from various backgrounds. For their most recent collection, Maison 203 collaborated with industrial designer Giulio Iacchetti, who was able to bring certain elements such as Kalikon’s unique structure and mechanics to the table. So far, the brand’s focus has been on using new technologies such as 3D printing to create unique and contemporary jewelry, for as they state on their website, “Maison 203 is a young company exemplifying the “digital maker” era.”

Their most recent collection Kalikon, though not yet available for retail, is being presented at Maison et Objet Paris, an international trade fair which showcases the latest in decoration and design and which will be running from January 22nd to the 26th.



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