Jan 21, 2016 | By Benedict

Fuel3D, a leading 3D scanning brand, has launched an updated version of its Fuel3D Studio software. Fuel3D Studio 2.1 features improved Z-axis precision and the ability to process 3D scan data in the cloud.

Fuel3D’s range of 3D scanning equipment and software has already been used on some pretty incredible projects. In September, the company’s handheld SCANIFY 3D scanner was used to make first a digital copy and then a physical 3D printed replica of the 30,000-year-old Venus de Galgenberg, one of the oldest surviving figurines on the planet. Many customers have since used Fuel3D products in order to digitize objects old and new, but the company is still striving to improve its 3D scanning capabilities.

Fuel3D today announced the launch of Fuel3D Studio 2.1, the latest edition of its popular scan processing software. The company has delivered two major improvements to the software, both of which could significantly improve the 3D scanning experience for SCANIFY users.

The first upgrade relates to the software’s Z-axis precision, now massively improved thanks to a new chunk of code known as the “Cat Bird” algorithm. The algorithm gives scans an improved depth accuracy, and has been well received by beta testers. For Fuel3D users who have had trouble in the past with Z-axis accuracy, there is further good news: Users can apply the improved Z-axis processing to existing 3D scan files without having to re-scan the subject.

The other major improvement offered in Fuel3D Studio 2.1 is the introduction of cloud processing, a feature currently running in beta. This cloud processing allows users to perform CPU-draining processing on Fuel3D’s servers instead of their own machines, freeing up valuable processing resources. All Fuel3D Studio users with an internet connection can access these handy cloud services via a new menu function. This move into web-based processing will also allow Fuel3D to offer its customers quick software updates.

“We are very excited by these new software and service developments, which not only provide immediate benefits to SCANIFY users, but are also hugely relevant to Fuel3D’s enterprise business,” said Stuart Mead, CEO, Fuel3D. “The benefits of cloud processing are key to the development of 3D scanning solutions, by allowing us to create new 3D algorithms and rapidly deploy enhancements via the cloud.”

Fuel3D got into the habit of naming its algorithms after animal pairings when an inattentive developer working on the new cloud-based system misheard the word “behemoth”, interpreting it as “bear moth”. Guys, as long as it works, call it what you like!



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