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There is little question that the 3Doodler 3D printing pen has made 3D printing technologies much more accessible to people as it is marketed as being used by children and families to create some very fun objects and decorations. What is particularly astonishing about the 3Doodler, however, is the impact it has had on certain artist communities around the world, from Barbara Taylor Harris who uses the 3Doodler in her mixed media paintings, to artist Erica Gray who has made astonishing 3Doodled wearable art. Recently, 3Doodler has highlighted another creative soul who has taken to using the 3D printing pen as his tool: emerging fashion designer Patrick Tai.

Patrick Tai is a recent graduate from the Fashion Design program at the Art Institute of Charlotte in North Carolina who recently broke into the world of 3D printed fashion by creating an entire dress using only a 3Doodler pen and plastic filament. The project took him almost one hundred hours to create.

Patrick Tai was inspired to embark on the ambitious fashion project after he could not find an existing fabric that had the texture he wanted. As he explains, “My inspiration comes from geometric shapes, modern architecture, and unique textures…I feel that giving your audience the chance to feel your designs whether it’s being seen in a photo or on a runway is important.” After unsuccessfully looking high and low for materials with repetitive lines, shapes, and unique textures, Tai realized he could try to make his own material and found that the 3Doodler 3D printing pen would be the perfect medium to do so.

The 3Doodled dress, pictured above, was Tai’s first project using the 3D printing pen, though his experience using it was so positive he has since incorporated the pen into other garments, which he notes are perhaps more wearable than the entirely 3Doodled dress. The entirely 3Doodled dress was made on a mannequin, as Tai essentially drew the fabric onto the mannequin’s body, while the other pieces were made using more traditional pattern making processes.

The dress is made of a combination of ABS plastic and FLEXY plastic, which happened rather serendipitously. As Tai explains, “I originally started experimenting with ABS plastic to get familiar with the 3Doodler…I accidentally purchased the new FLEXY strands and liked the flexibility of it more so most of the dress is made with FLEXY plastic and some ABS plastic at the edges for supports.”

Tai’s dress, and the other designs which also feature the 3Doodler have been showcased at some venues, including the North Carolina Fashion Association, and various local fashion shows.

“The reactions that I have received from these 3D fashion have been nothing but positive,” gushed Tai. “People have been so supportive and full of compliments, some people couldn’t believe that the pieces were created by a pen.”

Fortunately for us, Patrick Tai’s career in 3D printed fashion is just getting started and there is lots to look forward to. The young designer is currently working on launching his online store which will feature women’s formal attire as well as accessories made using the 3Doodler. Tai has also entered his 3Doodled dress in the 2015 3Doodler Awards, where it took home one of six prizes in the Fashion category.

Patrick Tai also hopes to expand his experience with the 3Doodler as well as other 3D printing technologies. As he explains, “The long term goal is to eventually [invest] in additional 3D technology.” At 3Ders, we will be sure to keep an eye our for the emerging 3D printed fashion talent that is Patrick Tai.



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