Jan 23, 2016 | By Benedict

Fellow 3Ders, it’s time to forget fused filament fabrication—and start thinking about food filament fabrication! Sweetology, a popular do-it-yourself candy store and bakery in Ladue, Missouri, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for an in-store, chocolate-printing 3D printer. The campaign has already received over $8,000 of pledges, 40% of its $20,000 target.

Sweetology, an exciting place for creative sweet-lovers of all ages, wants to operate the first retail chocolate 3D printer in the country, a move which would give its customers the ability to decorate cakes and treats with incredible edible 3D creations. Decorating a birthday cake with sweets and treats is great. Adding a personal message to those sweet toppings is even better. But 3D printing the face of the birthday boy or girl…in chocolate?! Nothing could be sweeter.

“Based on overwhelming feedback to expand and add more interactive fun to Sweetology, we’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to add a 3D chocolate printer, build an airbrush station at Sweetology and potentially add a mobile Sweetology,” explained Sweetology’s DeAnn Bingaman in a blog post.

The fun-loving bakery, launched in 2014, already allows customers to decorate cakes, cupcakes and cookies in endlessly creative ways, whilst also stocking a range of treats, candies and chocolates. Wanting to further expand its range of services, the company will import a chocolate-printing 3D printer from England, should its Kickstarter campaign prove successful.

After purchasing the special 3D printer, the popular chocbroker hopes to take its services on the road, with a “Sweetmobile” mobile decorating bar. Put your feet on your excitement brakes though: The Sweetmobile will only hit the road if Sweetology receives $45,000 of backing from its Kickstarter campaign.

Kara Newmark, Sweetology’s founder and acting president, is brimming with excitement about the possibility of getting the chocolate-printing 3D printer for the Ladue, Missouri store: “You can print a profile, a 3D chocolate truck, or whatever you can put in a computer,” she explained. “We don’t know of anyone in the United States that does this on a retail level, so we will be the first.

“When I wrote the business plan for Sweetology about three years ago, originally one of the components was chocolate. Along the way, we thought we would be better off to take smaller bites, do the cake decorating first and launch into chocolate at a later date.”

The Kickstarter campaign has already drummed up a lot of interest from choc-lovers and 3D printing enthusiasts, raising over $8,000 of the $20,000 goal. With 12 days still left to go, Newmark and co. are optimistic about their chances of hitting the target. Sweetology is enticing potential backers with a wide range of delicious rewards, from a half pound of sweets and goodies ($15) to a huge 50-person private party at the Sweetology store, including access to a cupcake decorating bar and unlimited drinks ($10,000). Sounds 3Delicious!



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