Jan 28, 2016 | By Andre

The message put forward by the B-Creative 3D Printer team regarding the current state of 3D printing is clear, 3D Printing is frustrating and unless you’re an experienced 3D user, way too messy. Their recently launched Kickstarter campaign is hoping to change this by marketing a “simple, user-friendly 3D Printer that offers wireless printing for easy use.”

To overcome typical 3D printer frustrations, the team behind the B-Creative 3D Printer focuses its ability to print via an onboard SD card-driven touchscreen or wirelessly with their smartphone app that lets you get printing on the fly. Additionally they claim the side loading filament cartridge system that provides a seamless and clean fit into the machine will ease frustrations associated with material handling.

The printer itself looks very similar to 3D Systems Cube 3 desktop 3D printer, uses PLA filament (among others that don’t require a heated bed), can print at a fine 50 micron layer-height, has a max nozzle temperature of 250°C, a print volume of 160x180x160mm and can be had at the introductory Kickstarter price of $599 (eventually retailing for roughly $799).

So right off the bat you get a very slick looking wifi-enabled 3D printer for a very low price. The below comparison chart lists the Makerbot Mini and 3D Systems Cube 3 for comparison purposes. Unfortunately, the prices for the competing machines are listed incorrectly and is misleading as a result (they have the Mini at $1,375 when in fact its $899 and the Cube at $1,099 when it currently retails for $999).

Since there isn’t too much in terms what’s under the hood of the B-Creative 3D Printer, I can’t speak too much on that. I did notice the print speed of their system has a range that goes from an incredibly slow 20mm/s to a decent 80mm/s. Whether that is an indicator of output consistency/quality is unknown.

It seems most of the campaign focus put forward by the team is based around the wifi enabled smartphone app. The scenario presented in their promo video of forgetting your nieces birthday present and then being able to get a 3D printed present going on the quick provides an intriguing narrative to be sure.

From a rewards perspective, they stick to the product itself. Your choices, beyond a $1 thank-you pledge or $20 t-shirt are all 3D Printer related. There’s the single unit $599 early-bird special or the further discounted combo pledge of 2 units for $1,099. If all goes according to plan, the printers are set to print by June of 2016.

The team, said to have over 2 years of experience in 3D Printing and over 3 years in Android and iOS system development appears confident in their timeline by suggesting they have a reliable, trusted manufacturing partner on board.

The way things are looking in early in the campaign is that they’re on the way to hitting their $50,000 campaign goal as they’re already over 30% of the way there one day into their 40 day run. If, and I’m going to go ahead and stress this, if they are able to produce a reliable 3D printer by the time production gets underway, the $599 price point for a wifi-enabled printer with a good size print volume is a steal. I’m definitely going to keep track of this campaign and follow all the updates as they come.



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