Jan 28, 2016 | By Alec

In a community filled with promising startups and potent products, it sometimes happens that forthcoming products are delayed or even fail to appear entirely. Fortunately, the latter result doesn’t apply to the REVO rotational casting machine, one of the most intriguing forthcoming machines in the 3D printing community. First unveiled way back in November 2014, this is essentially a 3D print replicator that uses 3D printed molds and rotational power to create new plastic shapes within just ten minutes. Though originally intended to hit Kickstarter about a year ago, The Canadian developers from Magic Maker just revealed that the REVO is finally ready for crowdfunding.

As you might remember, the REVO Machine caused quite a stir in the 3D printing community for its ability to greatly speed up 3D printing. Developed by filament specialists Magic Maker from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, it’s the world’s first metal desktop revocaster – a rotational casting device that allows you to cast objects based on molds. Their revolving movement allows gravity to push materials into every corner of the original mold, and thus rapidly forming whole shapes. While very quick machines, most are giant and expensive pieces of machinery intended for factories.

The REVO, however, will allow you to take that technology to your desktop for an affordable price and is a perfect addition to a 3D printer. Just design and 3D print some molds (by inverting a regular design), and use the REVO to quickly produce dozens of identical shapes. As the Magic Maker team stated, “[it lets you] make duplicates of your favorite 3D models every 10 minutes.” Back in 2014, they also promised it could be used with a variety of materials, including plastics, wax, chocolate, amber resins, and more – all with high-quality and sturdy results.

It’s no wonder it caused such a stir back in 2014. You might have also seen it pop up at Makerfaires and art galleries in Canada. Though we don’t know why it was delayed by a year, Jon MacDonald from Magic Maker just revealed that the REVO prototype is now finalized and ready to go. “We want to take our prototype to the next level, and our Kickstarter version of the REVO will be the best version of the machine yet. With a brand new mold mount, it is going to be even EASIER to use the REVO for all of your mold casting needs,” he says.

While we’ll have to wait for the launch of the Kickstarter to get all the info, McDonald did reveal that they will be setting the early bird price at $500.00, with the regular price tag being $600.00. He further revealed the REVO machine will come pre-assembled (just screw the legs to the aluminum frame and you’re good to go) and will be plug-and-play. “It is as EASY as plugging it into power, turning on the button, setting the desired speed, and the machine is running. No software, only very simple to use hardware involved,” he says. He further says the machine is completely tested and features a manufactured circuit board to operate the motor. The Kickstarter rewards also come with some batches of resin, to get you started immediately. It looks like the time has come to greatly speed up our making abilities.



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