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Gunshots ring out. Several of your comrades have been fatally wounded, and you must find the nearest building in the village to protect yourself from the enemy barrage. You flee to an abandoned woodshed, and crouch down below the small window. You raise your hand to the windowpane and see… layer misalignment? 

3D printed scenery for miniature wargames and RPG is becoming more and more common, as gamers realize the massive creative potential and cost-effectiveness of 3D printing their own buildings, props, and terrain. However, the quality of these 3D printed creations, professional or amateur, can fluctuate greatly. Via Ludibunda, a popular figurine and terrain designer from Épinac, France, wants to raise the standard of 3D printed terrain and scenery within the miniature wargame community, and has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its impressive range of fantasy scenery.

Via Ludibunda has earned itself a reputation as a provider of high-quality, unique metal figurines, straying from mass-produced designs and recognizable characters. As well as this figurine design, the company has also set foot in the field of wargame terrain. Its new Kickstarter campaign has been launched to raise funds for a set of 3D printable buildings, which can be collected and arranged according to the gamemaster’s wishes, to create a full-fledged hamlet, village, town, or city.

Miniature wargame and RPG players looking for the perfect addition to their battlefield may find Via Budibunda’s 3D designs to be just what they have been searching for. The 3D printable scenery follows an atmospheric medieval theme, with individual items ranging from realistic wood-beamed houses to forges, towers, stables, and graveyards. These unique 3D printed buildings and environments, once appropriately finished and painted, have the ability to bring a whole new dimension to gameplay—All a gamemaster requires to get their hands on these items is access to a 3D printer.

Depending on the scale of gameplay and other factors, Kickstarter backers can purchase their 3D printed buildings in a range of quantities. The smallest set is the hamlet (€15), which consists of three spooky ruined houses. For those requiring a greater range of architecture, there are also village (€30) and town (€45) options, as well as a city set (€60) consisting of three ruined houses, three ruined specialized buildings, ruined walls, gate, watchtower, ruined towers, dwelling, and stables. For those who really want to get involved with the project, there is also a deluxe “Audacious Architect” option (€300), in which backers can have their own scenery design turned into a high-quality 3D model by Via Ludibunda’s Yann Taniou, an expert 3D designer whose work has been featured in White Dwarf magazine.

Via Ludibunda is selling its beautiful designs as STL files only, so gamers will need to 3D print each item themselves, either on a 3D printer of their own or through a local 3D printing hub. The company promises “great textures that will be easy to paint”, so the entire process from printing to finishing is guaranteed to be relatively simple. The scale of each building is adjustable, but the company estimates that between 30 and 60g of PLA or ABS is required for each building part. The re-printability of each STL file makes the 3D printable files a more cost-effective option for gamers than buying pre-made models, should they wish to print several iterations of each design. Best of all, each model is completely open, so creative designers can modify all elements using their own 3D design software. Let the games commence!



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