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On the whole, 2015 proved to be a very successful year for the 3D printing market, as it expanded in just about every direction. However some big players, including Stratasys, found their growth slowing down due to increased competition. But this clearly did not affect Arcam, as the Swedish metal 3D printing experts have just revealed that 2015 was an excellent year. In their end of the year report, they revealed that their net sales increased by 70% and that their operating income increased by 50.2 million SEK (or nearly $6 million USD).

This all hardly comes as a surprise. Just less than two months ago, the ambitious Arcam revealed that they were expanding into the significant US metal 3D printing market. Founded in 1997, Arcam itself is known for their cost-efficient Electron Beam Melting (EBM) 3D printing technology and provide metal 3D printing solutions to a variety of companies in the medical and aerospace industries.

And over 2015, their business only increased. “We have worked hard and focused. Our primary focus has been to continue executing and developing our long-term strategy to put the EBM technology in industrial production. To do that, we have developed all three parts of the Group, EBM systems, metal powders and contract manufacturing. We have grown rapidly and we have made substantial investments in increased capacity to continue to meet our customers demand,” revealed President and CEO Magnus René.

He went on to reveal that several clients have filed significant orders of 2015. Turin, Italy-based Avio Aero ordered 10 new EBM systems, doubling their existing manufacturing capacity, while GKN ordered two Q20 3D printer units for aerospace component manufacturing. “The deals confirm the great potential of the Arcam EBM technology as a volume production tool for the aerospace industry. We can now see that our aerospace customers are expanding their EBM production facilities,” the CEO argues.

But their presence in the orthopedic implant market has also grown. Their Chinese partner Beijing AK Medical Chinese revealed that EBM-manufactured implants are now approved in China, spurring them to order five more 3D printing systems, while Italian implant manufacturer Lima also received new machines. “Meanwhile, customers in Japan, Korea, Europe and in the US have introduced new EBM-manufactured products on the market within orthopedics for hips, knees and spine surgery. The EBM technology is therefore now established as a manufacturing method for orthopedic implants,” René argues. Even their metal powder manufacturer AP&C, based in Montreal, has been growing rapidly.

This growth has also led to significant changes in the company’s infrastructure, with a new UK office opening in Warwick, and another in Woburn, Massachusetts. A new 3D printer production center also opened its doors in Mölndal, Sweden, doubling their production capacity. A new US-based marketing organization also opened its doors over the last year. Arcam’s financial situation is also in excellent shape, with Oppenheimer Funds buying a large holding in Arcam and 1.8 million new shares being launched. “After those transactions we have a new ownership structure and a very strong cash position. At the end of the third quarter we had approximately 452.9 MSEK in cash. The strong balance sheet provides financial stability that is much appreciated by the large clients we work with in long term projects,” René argues.

All this growth was also reflected in a strong fourth quarter (sales increase of 28%), which led to excellent overall results. “We reached net sales of 576.1 MSEK and an operating profit of 50.2 MSEK for the full year. Sales increased by 70% and operating profit increased by 131%. During the year we booked 58 new EBM orders, an increase of 38% compared with the previous year. We enter 2016 with an order book of 27 systems,” the CEO says. Things are, in short, looking fantastic for Arcam, which is becoming a very important player in the global metal 3D printing market.



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