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Mathys Medical, a Swiss orthopaedic producer that specializes in artificial hip, knee, and shoulder joints, has signed an agreement with 3D medical software specialist Materialise, for the use of its Shoulder Guide System. This user-friendly 3D imaging software system assists surgeons in the planning, preparation, and practice phases of a shoulder surgery by providing patient-specific 3D models and 3D printed guides for use before and during the surgery.

Much like its X-Ray Knee Guide Solution, Materialise’s “Solution for Shoulder Arthroplasty Surgery” was designed to facilitate surgeons’ jobs by giving them accurate, patient-specific three-dimensional information, enabling them to more effectively plan and execute successful surgeries.

“Surgeons using 2D images to diagnose and perform a shoulder arthroplasty know the challenge of finding the optimal location and orientation for the pilot hole in the glenoid, especially given the small surgical window and the unknown anatomy behind. Now, there is another way,” said Materialise.

The 3D surgical planning software is broken down into four steps: first, doctors scan the patient and send the CT images to Materialise. Materialise will then generate a 3D model, which doctors can use to virtually plan the surgery. In the third step, Materialise creates a physical, 3D printed guide, with a single and unique fit on the patient’s glenoid (a shallow socket in the shoulder blade). The fourth and final step is shipment of the 3D printed guide, followed by the actual surgery.

“Through our collaboration with Mathys, our goal is to enable even more surgeons to discover the benefits of 3D printing in the planning and execution of total and reverse shoulder replacement surgeries. It is through partnerships like this that we at Materialise continue realizing our mission of developing innovations that result in a better and healthier world,” said Hilde Ingelaere, Executive Vice President of Materialise’s Medical Segment.

“Since 1958, Mathys has been committed to offering our clients and their patients the best possible restoration of quality of life. By including Materialise’s Shoulder Guide System in our portfolio, we are able to deliver on this promise by helping surgeons achieve more predictable surgical outcomes through the use of pre-operative planning and 3D printed patient-specific guides,” added Ronald Lenzeder, Director of Marketing at Mathys. In addition to producing and distributing joint replacement products, Mathys also supplies synthetic bone replacement material, and since 2013 has entered the sports orthopedics market.

Materialise is a global leader in the areas of 3D software solutions and advanced 3D printing services for the automotive, aerospace, art and design and consumer product industries. However, in the field of 3D medical and healthcare solutions specifically, Materialise has established itself has a true pioneer. 

In addition to its 3D Shoulder Guide and X-Ray Knee Guide System (which recently received an NSE letter from the FDA), Materialise’s 3D medical solutions include HeartPrint, which provides 3D printed cardiovascular models, and a partnership with Tissue Regeneration Systems to 3D print life-saving tracheal splints.



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