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Israel-based 3D printing company Nano Dimension, best known for developing the first ever multi-layer PCB 3D printer, as well as a range of patented nano-based conductive and dieletric 3D printing inks, has today announced that it has received all of the necessary approvals to trade its Depositary Shares (ADSs) to the NASDAQ Capital Market under the symbol “NNDM”. Becoming a NASDAQ-listed company will greatly help the young yet promising 3D printing company gain visibility in the U.S. market, potentially increasing their revenue and funding and helping to advance the field of 3D printed electronics.

DragonFly 2020: The World's First 3D Printer for Professional Multilayer PCBs

The news comes shortly after a string of accomplishments for Nano Dimension, which is already listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (under “NNDM”), and was last year approved to trade on the OTCQX Market (under “NNDMY”) At the end of 2015, Nano Dimension secured $1.3 million in investments from Israel’s Chief Scientist to develop the Dragonfly 2020 PBC 3D printing system, on top of previous investments totalling $13.1 million earlier in the year.

On the R&D front, Nano Dimension has continued to meet target after target, filing patents for 3D printing multimaterial electrical conductors, oxidation-resistant conductive copper ink, and AgCite, a range of silver nanoparticle inks. In January 2016, the company also announced a partnership with Flex (formerly known as Flextronics) to manufacture and sell the Dragonfly 2020, indicating it is closer than ever to announcing a commercial release date.

“Becoming a NASDAQ-listed company is an important step in our overall corporate development strategy as we look to increase awareness of Nano Dimension within the U.S. investment community and expand our presence in the U.S. market," said Amit Dror, CEO of Nano Dimension. "This listing adds to recent milestones for Nano Dimension, including the confidence placed in our products by top-tier U.S.-based beta customers, a manufacturing agreement with Flextronics, new patent applications to further solidify our leadership position in the industry, as well as recent research grant approval from Israel's Chief Scientist.”

"As we list our ADSs on the NASDAQ, our ability to communicate our progress with a broader audience, raise the visibility of our strategy, and generate more value for our shareholders will improve significantly," he concluded. His statements mirror his original claims when the company first applied to the NASDAQ in October 2015 that “trading on the NASDAQ will…significantly increase the exposure of the company in the U.S., both to investors and to strategic partners.”

Approval to the NASDAQ market is indeed a major milestone for the company, and for the development of advanced 3D printed electronics. Trading of Nano Dimensions ADSs on the NASDAQ Capital Market will be effective within the next few days, with an official date to be announced shortly.



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