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Polish 3D printing specialist Zortrax is, for a limited period, offering customers a free M200 3D printer when they buy 56 rolls of filament at the standard price of €1878 ($2030). The deal comes two days after Zortrax announced a 350% increase in 3D printer filament sales.

Zortrax, a key player in the Polish 3D printing industry, has reasons to be cheerful: For one, a recent partnership with Media Supply Inc., owners of Profound 3D, has given Zortrax a second US distributor, handling shipments in the eastern states to complement the work of 3D ProShare in the west. Secondly, the Polish manufacturer has announced that its 3D printer sales are up 200% on 2014, with sales of 3D printing materials rising by an impressive 350%. Following this boom, the company is passing its savings onto the customer by offering a free M200 3D printer ($1,990 retail price) with 56-pack purchases of filament.

Until March 4, the company will be giving away its M200 3D printer for free to customers who purchase 56 rolls of Zortrax filament for €1878 ($2030). Customers can choose from a range of 17 types of filament in a wide range of colors and materials, including Z-ABS, Z-ULTRAT, and Z-GLASS. The offer is limited to one free printer per customer.

3D printing material sales during the first three quarters of 2015 accounted for 17% of Zortrax's total revenue. In 2014, the figure was less than 10%. According to senior figures at Zortrax, its significant increase in filament sales could be down to customer satisfaction with the M200 3D printer, amongst other factors.

"This trend has progressed in line with our expectations,” said Rafał Tomasiak, CEO of Zortrax. “Widespread use of our Zortrax M200 3D printer directly results in an increase in demand for our printing materials. Furthermore, thanks to our constant research and development into new printing substances, we have been able to significantly expand our range of offered materials. This has also positively impacted our sales figures.”

Zortrax filament has been selling particularly well in areas where the M200 and other Zortrax 3D printers have also been selling well: "The geographical distribution for this segment generally coincides with our printer sales figures,” said Tomasiak. “Europe, Asia and North America lead our charts. Our sales have shown dynamic growth in the US, France, Germany and Korea. We do, however, continue to gain new customers from around the entire world.”

Thanks to the new partnership with Media Supply Inc., Zortrax could be expecting further increases in revenue in the coming years. Operating since 1986, Media Supply Inc. provides 3D printing solutions for governmental agencies, large and small businesses and individual consumers.

"By cooperating with this new distributor, we are executing our plan of increasing Zortrax's presence in the US,” said Tomasiak. “Apart from expanding our distribution network, we gain numerous opportunities to work together with smaller companies; helping people develop their businesses together with Zortrax.”

Tomasiak and co. plan to float Zortrax on the Warsaw Stock Exchange at some point this year, but a date has yet to be set.

3D Printing materials available in the bundle: 

Z-ABS Yellow 5
Z-ABS Red 5
Z-ABS Blue 5
Z-ABS Warm Gre 5
Z-ABS Pure White 8
Z-GLASS Transparent 3
Z-PETG Black 3
Z-HIPS Grey 3
Z-ULTRAT Green 3
Z-ULTRAT Yellow 2
Z-ULTRAT Pastel Pink 2
Z-ULTRAT Pastel Yellow 3
Z-ULTRAT Neon Orange 2
Z-PCABS Ivory 1



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Larry May lmay@pro-eserve.com wrote at 6/20/2016 5:52:27 PM:

Is the offer of a free M200 with an order of 56 spools still good at this time? I am retired and have a lot of projects, ideas and time to play but limited on cash so I could very much appreciate your offer if still good.

Sheelagh Talkinton Sy wrote at 3/18/2016 6:09:01 PM:

Do you offer 3D printer for a classroom? Just wondering.

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