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Just one month after announcing its first industrial SLA 3D printer, the Riverbase500, China’s Zuhai CTC Electronic has secured a record-size order from UK-based Greenwich Planet Co. Ltd, which has requested 30 of these new industrial machines for its professional creative and design services.

The Riverside500, which was released just before the Chinese New Year, is a large-format SLA 3D printer that integrates CTC Electronic’s proprietary RIVERSIDE operation system, which delivers printing speeds of up to 21 meters per second. It also features an advanced support system with excellent post-processing capacities for meeting the demands of high-efficiency among industry-grade customers. According to the company, with a printing volume of 500 x 400 x 400mm, the Riverside500 is an ideal choice for model making and proofing.

Apparently, Greenwich Planet thoroughly agrees, as evidenced by their order of 30 brand new machines. The order also represented an opportunity for the UK company, headquarter in London, to initiate a closer bond with the Chinese company, which has proven to be one of the fastest-growing 3D printer manufactures on the market.

“We are delighted in having established a closer relationship with China's CTC. Given the growth in desktop distribution of the beta test version of the Riverbase500 over the past two and a half years, the device is considered the best product on the market,” said Raphe J Junea, Greenwich Planet CEO.

“The fact that our home-grown printer has been selected by a customer well outside of our home market represents a recognition of CTC's technology and overall ability, as well as a milestone in the entry of China's advanced products into international markets,” added Yang Xioating, CTC’s operations manager.

The Riverside500 industrial SLA 3D printer is currently price at 690,000 yuan (roughly US$105,400). In addition to its new entry to the industrial 3D printer market, CTC Electronic is also widely recognized within the industry for manufacturing the affordable Riverside desktop SLA 3D printer, as well as the follow-up Riverside 2 3D printer, and RiverOS 1.0 operating system. CTC Electronic is also the operator of the largest 3D printer factory in China, which opened in 2014.

While this record-size order is no doubt the best possible way to start off the New Year, Greenwich Planet’s request also took CTC Electronic by surprise. Mr. Yang said that the unexpected order has surpassed the company’s current capacity, and will only be delivered in three months’ time at the earliest. Despite the unfortunate timeline, today’s news marks a very important and promising step for the Chinese 3D printer manufacturer, and no doubt signals a successful year to come.



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