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There’s something strangely empowering about pushing a Big Red Button, whether it’s for detonating a building implosion, or for getting on your Netflix and Chill. Now, thanks to Microsoft’s Gabriel ‘Gabe’ Aul, Windows Insider members can make their very own 3D printed big red button, based on the one he supposedly uses to release the latest Windows 10 Insider Builds.

As VP of Microsoft and head of the Windows Insider Program—a program that allows users to sign up for early builds of the Windwos OS—Aul is responsible for officially releasing each new highly anticipated Windows 10 or Windows 10 Mobile Insider Build Preview. He’s often joked that he does so by pushing a Big Red Button, just like in the movies.

Given that for most Windows Insider Members, these releases can’t come often enough, many of them have taken to Twitter, practically begging him to ‘push the red button’ so they can get their fix. Thus, to help spread the sense of power and responsibility that comes with having a Big Red Button, Aul has released free 3D printable files via Thingiverse, so that anyone at home can 3D print their very own Windows Insider Build Release Button.

via @GabeAul

“This is the box for the button that we use to release builds to Windows Insiders in the Windows 10 Insider Preview Program,” he wrote. The free 3D printable STL files are just for the box and the base of the button, however. In order to put the entire thing together, makers will need an Arduino Duemilinove connected via USB, as well as a power switch, speaker, some screws, and of course, the shiny red button.

Since being uploaded yesterday, the Thingiverse files have been downloaded more than 600 times (and counting), which shows that even if it’s just for show, the rush that comes from pressing a big red button is pretty much universal. It shows that even though Microsoft’s developers are hard at work to consistently improve and release new builds, they still take the time to listen to what their community is covertly asking for. And as for Gabe Aul? Hopefully this Windows 'Insider joke' will relieve him of some of the pressure of being the only one with a Big Red Button to push.



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