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We have covered a number of stories about artists using the 3Doodler to create some astonishing works of art, and seeing the versatility and the capabilities of the 3D printing pen when it is in the hands of an inspired maker never ceases to amaze me. This time 3Doodler has highlighted the work of Turkish handcraft artist Esra Oguz, who took home their 3Doodler Interior Design Award in 2015.

Her winning piece, a 3Doodled and expertly arranged bouquet of flowers, is only the tip of the iceberg of Oguz’s portfolio as she has created a number of extremely detailed and beautiful pieces with the 3D printing pen that would amaze even the biggest technological skeptics out there.

Oguz, who was brought up in a family interested in craftwork and who has professional experience in woodworking and in the restoration of Ottoman Art and Calligraphy, possesses the undeniable talent of working with her hands. It is no wonder then, that when introduced to the 3Doodler by her cousin in 2013, she immediately took to the hands-on additive manufacturing tool. She explains, “I was living in Dubai when my cousin asked me to try it out. I made some 2D objects by tracing my own drawings and assembling smaller pieces. I had trouble imagining how to create 3D objects with soft, smooth, curved surfaces. Since I have a personality that loves to be challenged I kept on working at it - in a week’s time I had made my cousin a bird on a swing. It didn't look spectacular but it sparked my interest in 3Doodling which has continued since.”

Since that bird on a swing, Oguz has worked on honing her 3Doodling skills, which is apparent when looking at her various pieces. In the process of 3Doodling, the artist has even discovered some valuable techniques that any 3Doodlers out there might be inspired by. To create her camel, for instance, Oguz created a wire frame base, and often uses a number of materials to create the bases for her pieces. She has even used a 2D 3Doodled drawing as the starting point for a building frame! From there she uses ABS filament to fill in the structure, which she prefers for its strong nature.

Oguz has also used the 3Doodler to mimic other materials, such as ribbon in her stunning Ribbon Basket. She says of the piece, “I am very familiar with how ribbon works, so I decided to add ribbons to make a thread for the basket…I just began with Doodling strips of ribbon and assembling them. I put those pieces on the bottom of a salad bowl and applied some heat by using my hair dryer, following the shape of the bowl.”

When asked how she has managed to make her designs so smooth and uniform in texture—an impressive feat with the 3Doodler—Oguz explained that it required patience and good hand control to evenly fill out the surface of the object. Her other trick? Reheating the 3Doodled surface just enough to smooth out its surface without warping its form.

Since being awarded 3Doodler’s Interior Design Award for her impressive flower basket—which reportedly took her a month to create—Oguz has been living in Istanbul and working with Turkey’s 3Doodler distributor at events to display her various pieces of work. When asked what her future hopes were for working with the 3Doodler she said, “As far as my Doodle bucket list goes… I want to experience using the 3Doodler with new materials and get involved in teaching kids to use the 3Doodler Start. I’m excited to see the 3Doodler used more widely in schools and incorporated into Arts & Crafts subjects.”

For more of Esra Oguz’s impressive work, both in woodworking and 3Doodling, be sure to check out the artist’s page here.



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