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3D printing technologies have consistently helped to bridge the gap between fields such as science and engineering with the realms of fashion and design. Sci Chic, a science-inspired accessory brand, is no stranger to this meshing, as it has not only used 3D printing technologies to create its products, but has used the technology to create science-themed products, from a moon-phase necklace, to atom earrings, to a DNA ring.

The accessory brand, which was founded by Erin Winick and Emily Huber, two engineering students from the University of Florida, has recently announced a new collection of 3D printed and laser cut jewelry which will be unveiled on March 14, 2016. The collection, called APEX, will not only feature their signature science and engineering themed designs, but will introduce a whole set of customizable options.

Currently, Sci Chic’s products are designed using CAD software and are made using 3D printing and laser cutting technologies and are made on a made-to-order basis. Once an order for a jewelry piece is made, Sci Chic additively manufactures the accessory with a Delta Lulzbot Mini and Delta desktop 3D printers, or for metal pieces, the orders are sent to Shapeways.

With the release of their newest APEX collection, Sci Chic’s customers will soon be able to further customize their science-inspired accessories. Sci Chic will not only offer the choice between a number of materials, colors, but will allow its clients to choose the size of the accessory and the manufacturing method used to create it. As founder and CEO of Sci Chic Erin Winick says, “Sci Chic's jewelry will now be available to be 3D printed in everything from the same durable plastic LEGOs are made out of to gold steel and silver.”

The pieces of the APEX collection will consist of more jewelry designs inspired by science and engineering, but will focus on geometry within those fields. As already included on their website, educational information about each of their designs will be included with each of the APEX products when they are released.

If you do order one of Sci Chic’s 3D printed plastic accessories you’ll also have the option of ordering a custom video, which will follow how your piece was made, from its 3D printing, to its assembly, allowing you to not only enjoy the final product but to enhance your knowledge about how it was made—an increasingly important step in our consumer process.

Sci Chic has committed its name to showing the “fashionable side of science” through their products, so mark your calendar for March 14th and be sure to check out their new APEX collection when it is released.



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HungryMasterGoldsmith wrote at 3/12/2016 12:48:03 AM:

Yes, send everything to Shapeways.... Make Big Money even bigger...

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