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Graphene 3D Lab Inc., a New York-based additive manufacturing materials specialist, today unveiled Scorpion Flexible Nylon, a new 3D printing filament. Available in both 1.75 and 3.00mm diameters, the filament is purportedly ideal for 3D printed furniture, containers, and clothing.

Graphene 3D Lab is carving out a fine reputation for itself in the niche 3D printing materials market. Last year, the Calverton, NY-based firm began selling a water-soluble 3D printing filament. Since then, the materials expert has focused on its 3D printed batteries and conductive graphene filament, with which users can create 3D printed circuit boards. Today’s product announcement sees the company tackling an area outside of the electrical sphere, geared towards an altogether different group of 3D printed products.

Printing in PLA is great, but it can only get you so far: The rigid, brittle material is suited to stable, low-stress structures, but every now and again you need to print something which is both strong and flexible—whether it be a 3D printed shoe or a 3D printed silicone gasket. ABS offers improvements in many areas over PLA, but still lacks the requisite strength for many serious applications. Scorpion Flexible Nylon, Graphene 3D Lab’s latest filament, promises “outstanding resilience”, “very strong interlayer adhesion”, and the much-coveted attribute of “bendability”, giving individuals and business a more rugged and flexible 3D printing option.

Because of its aforementioned properties, the nylon 3D printing filament is, according to its manufacturers, ideal for furniture components, flexible mechanical parts, and even 3D printed clothing—the latter thanks to the soft and comfortable surface texture of the material. To avoid alienating any particular 3D printers and hot-ends, Graphene 3D Lab is selling the filament in both 1.75 and 3.00mm diameters, each in 400g spools. It is available to buy from the Graphene 3D Lab online store, as well as Amazon and eBay.

“We are constantly looking to expand our product line to best meet the needs of our growing customer base,” said Elena Polyakova, Co-CEO at Graphene 3D Lab. “We expect the addition of the Nylon filament to play an integral role in many different commercial markets. This filament can be readily produced in large quantities and we intend to ramp up production to satisfy our customer demand.”

"Nylon attracted a lot of interest in the 3D printing industry due to its strength", added Daniel Stolyarov, Co-CEO. “However, the material has a problem with the interlayer adhesion being too weak. I am proud to say that our R&D team has successfully resolved this issue. I believe that our customers will truly love the Scorpion Flexible Nylon and look forward to receiving their feedback.”

A world leader in graphene material development, manufacturing, and marketing, Graphene 3D Lab lists NASA, Ford, GE, Apple, Xerox, Samsung, Harvard University, IBM and Stanford University amongst its many clients.



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