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Barcelona based startup BonaDrone has recently announced that they will be launching an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for their new 3D printed quadcopter drone. With their 3D printed drone, which they’ve called Mosquito, the developers at BonaDrone are hoping to usher in a new philosophy for droning that empowers its users to adapt, modify and repair the drone with their own skills.

As with many 3D printed things, the technology will allow for BonaDrone clients to get involved in the design and creation of their UAV, essentially allowing them to customize their drones. In terms of its appearance, clients will have the option of choosing the color of their drone, as well as any additional accessories they want to add to it, such as camera gimbals, hooks, and the like. BonaDrone also plans to offer its clients the option of upgrading certain parts of the 3D printed quadcopter for high quality materials for more optimal performances, and has suggested they will continually make more parts available as they are developed.

The Mosquito Drone also comes equipped with an embedded GPS system and can be easily controlled from any laptop, smartphone, or tablet in addition to a drone remote control. The real beauty of the 3D printed UAV is that it can be assembled and reassembled in a number of ways, depending on what functions you want to use it for and what 3D printed parts you have for it.

The developers at BonaDrone also believe their product is a fine drone for beginners because of its simple yet effective features. As the team explains, “Anyone can fly a Mosquito, even people who have not piloted before. It has numerous flight modes that allow newbies to enjoy the flight experience as much as an expert pilot. In case of any trouble, pressing a single button will make the drone automatically return to the starting point and land. A virtual barrier has also been set up to keep the drone inside a safety zone. Finally, the drone can be piloted without a remote control if necessary, instead through a PC, tablet or Smartphone. Pilots can activate the follow me function or set up a predefined route in Google Maps.”

If the Indiegogo campaign for the BonaDrone 3D printed Mosquito quadcopter—which launches April 6th, 2016—is successful, interested parties can purchase the drone either pre-assembled, or as a kit of parts to assemble themselves. Additionally, for anyone in the Barcelona area on April 9th, BonaDrone will be officially presenting their Mosquito drone at Vallbona d’Anoia in celebration of their crowdfunding launch.

While we will have to be patient to find out whether the imminently launched crowdfunding campaign for the 3D printed drone will be a success, we will keep a close eye on their progress and are certain that the makers at BonaDrone will keep innovating.



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BonaDrone Team wrote at 3/25/2016 1:00:12 PM:

Hi Khalid Farhan, would be great if you could write about Mosquito on your site! If you need more information, contact us.( Thanks!

Khalid Farhan wrote at 3/11/2016 3:53:24 PM:

Pretty interesting guys. Do you mind if i write about this to my site? I will mention you guys if you want. I love drones and Mosquito sounds interesting.

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