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Carbon3D is about to have its very own Kodak moment. The Silicon Valley 3D printing startup, which introduced its groundbreaking CLIP 3D printing technology last year, has just signed a joint development agreement with the Eastman Kodak Company to develop novel materials and to address new opportunities for the ultrafast, high quality CLIP 3D printing process.

Though most well-known for its photography and imaging products, Kodak is in fact a leader in the field of advanced materials development. For its part, Carbon3D is a 3D printing innovator that has been growing as fast as, well its 3D printed products. CLIP, which stands for Continuous Liquid Interface Product, is a novel form of 3D printing in which 3D objects are ‘grown’ from a pool of resin, and claims to be 25-100 times faster than any other 3D printing process on the market.

Similar to SLA 3D printing, CLIP forms 3D objects out of liquid, photopolymer resin rather than building them up in layer-by-layer extrusion. The difference, however, is in the careful balance between UV light and oxygen, which is harnessed to continuously produce objects that are virtually layerless. This eliminates a common shortcoming in conventional 3D printing, whereby a part’s strength or functionality can be dependent on the direction it was printed in.

This result of CLIP’s 3D printing process is rapidly-produced 3D printed parts with surface finishes and mechanical properties similar to those made from injection molding. Both their speed and quality makes CLIP 3D printed parts ideal for functional prototyping as well as for the production of high quality end-use parts in the automotive, medical, and consumer electronic industries—in fact, CLIP 3D printing was recently adopted by Ford as a prototyping tool.

By partnering with Kodak, Carbon3D seeks to tap into the digital imaging company’s long-standing experience in material formulation and integration into complex systems, with the goal of developing novel 3D printing materials.

“We are excited to have Kodak as a partner as we continue to bring our technology to an array of industries including automotive, aerospace, athletic shoes and life sciences," said Dr. Joseph DeSimone, CEO and Co-Founder of Carbon. "This collaboration further proves our dedication to the development of breakthrough additive materials."

"Together, Carbon and Kodak are well positioned to develop and expand market opportunities for CLIP-based additive manufacturing," added Jeff Clarke, CEO of Kodak. "Kodak is a world leader in materials development and we are excited to be working with an innovative and progressive company like Carbon."

Previously, Carbon3D received more than $100M from Google Ventures to fund R&D development. Carbon3D’s 3D printing technology. Clip 3D printing is also now offered through four major 3D printing services, including CIDEAS and Sculpteo.



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