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For anyone whose desk is cluttered with cables and extension cords, for anyone who has ever endured frustrations over clunky power adapters, and for anyone who has wanted a stylish option for an extension cable, Munich based startup Good Gadgets might have just created the solution with their modular power strip YOUMO.

YOUMO, which is currently being crowdfunded through a Kickstarter campaign, was developed by product designer Tobias Förtsch, and engineers Carsten Fichtel, and Cornelius Schneider. Together, the three creators set out to design and manufacture a modular, multi-purpose, and stylish power strip that would appeal to a mass market. Using technologies like 3D modeling and 3D printing, the team at Good Gadgets seems to have succeeded as they have already surpassed their initial Kickstarter goal of €50,000 by over €73,000.

The modular power strip system has been designed to cater to its customers, and offers a number of functions that regular power strips do not, including a wireless charging module for your devices, and a Smart module which gives your plugged-in devices, such as a lamp or appliance, IoT capabilities which can be controlled via your portable device through YOUMO’s app. Of course, YOUMO also comes with standard outlets, including a single European or American outlet, a set of 3 or 5 respectively, and a multi-USB port.

The beauty of the product is that you can easily add to or remove its components, allowing it to be as large or as small as necessary, depending on your needs. If you are traveling you can even combine EU and North American modules to easily charge and use your devices on either continent. The power cord, which functions as the base of the power strip, comes in three different lengths (1.5m, 2.5m, or 4m) and can be ordered in seven different colors, so you put your eye catching power strip on display rather than messily tucking it under the nearest table.

Förtsch, Fichtel, and Schneider have been developing their product for nearly two years now and after much time spent 3D modeling, 3D printing, and testing prototypes, the team has successfully created a working model of YOUMO and its first series of power modules. The German developers are not done their work, however, as they are now working on preparing another five modules to make their product even more modular. Among the modules in development are a light module, a powerline module, wireless speakers, a WiFi repeater, and a power surge module, which will reportedly be released soon after the Kickstarter rewards are fulfilled. Good Gadgets has also stated they will soon create an open-source platform on which other developers and companies can collaborate with them to create new modules.

In terms of the rewards, though all the early bird deals have come and gone, a pledge of €39 ($43) will get you a base cord in the color and length of your choosing as well as two attachable modules of your choice. If you are looking to supply your office or whole house with YOUMO power strips, a pledge of at least €369 ($410) will get you 10 base cords, and 20 attachable modules.

With the continued success of their Kickstarster campaign (it is running until April 3, 2016), Good Gadgets will put their funding towards finalizing their product and readying it for the global market. As they say on their page, “Your backing will help us: finalize the mechanical design and build the electrical content inside each module, get the certification required to meet all international standard safety requirements, and set up the supply chain that will turn our prototype into your very own YOUMO.”



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