Mar 17, 2016 | By Benedict

The Feline Environmental Enrichment Design Company (F.E.E.D.) has used 3D printing to develop NoBowl, an innovative feeding system for cats. NoBowl replaces the traditional feeding bowl with five mouse-shaped, food-dispensing containers which owners can hide around the house or garden.

Owning a cat can be a tricky balancing act. We all want our feline friends to be true to their animal nature, but we also want to make sure that they get enough food and nutrients each day. Unfortunately, the two wishes can be mutually exclusive. Although we leave a bowl of food out in order to help our cats, the feeding process actually kills off a kitty’s natural inclination to search for prey, which can negatively affect its mental health.

Dubbed the “world’s first indoor hunting system”, NoBowl looks to solve the eternal problem once and for all, by developing a cat feeding system that actually encourages a cat’s natural predatory behavior. The brainchild of Philadelphia-based veterinarian and cat lover Dr. Elizabeth Bales, the innovative system consists of five food-dispensing “Naked NoBowls”, in which owners can place their pet’s favorite dry foods, and a set of NoBowl skins which mimic the appearance of mice and other small prey.

According to F.E.E.D., NoBowl “triggers the inborn feline cycle of hunting, playing with prey, eating, grooming, and sleeping.” Because each NoBowl container rolls around in a motion that mimics prey, cats feel like they are on a real hunt. This provides infinitely more stimulation than eating from a bowl, and could prevent cats from nibbling on furniture, clothing, and other bits and bobs they should be staying away from.

To create the current version of NoBowl, Bales and her team used a 3D printer to create each plastic bowls. However, F.E.E.D. hopes to upgrade these 3D printed feeders to injection-molded versions once its Kickstarter campaign draws to a close. That campaign has already taken the internet by storm, reaching its target goal of $36,000 in just four days. As of today, over $50,500 has been pledged to the campaign, with over three weeks left to go. No stretch goals have been announced so far, but with such a large, ahem, “kitty” with which it can fund production, F.E.E.D. could yet have further surprises up its sleeve.

Many of the Early Bird specials have already been clawed up during the first few days of the campaign, but backers can still get their paws on a complete NoBowl feeding system with a $40 pledge. Estimated delivery is August 2016.



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Linda wrote at 7/31/2016 1:22:16 PM:

Hi, Where can I buy mouse bowl?

Deborah Fernandez wrote at 7/16/2016 11:21:15 PM:

Hi. How do I get this product for my cat?

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