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Fujifilm USA, the American arm of the Japanese photography and imaging giant, is offering 3D printer maintenance and technical support across the country. The company cites its experience in x, y, and z axis controlled devices as an advantage in the field.

The world of technology moves pretty fast. A few decades ago, manufacturers of photographic equipment were making millions from camera film, a medium now reduced to nostalgic novelty. As digital cameras rapidly replaced analogue around the turn of the millennium, the big businesses had to make the right moves—and quickly. Some fared better than others: the iconic Eastman Kodak was slow to adapt to the digital revolution, and filed for bankruptcy in 2012. Polaroid changed hands several times and faded into obscurity. Fujifilm, on the other hand, was well prepared.

Having anticipated a decline in analogue photography since the 1980s, Fujifilm milked the tail-end of the era while investing money in emerging digital technologies. Its range of digital cameras have sold consistently well since their introduction, and the company has always been quick to innovate in the face of changing trends. In spite of its successes, the Japanese company is still under pressure to invest wisely in new and often unusual technologies. As the growing tendency to favor smartphone cameras over individual devices threatens to harm the photography industry further, companies like Fujifilm cannot afford to miss a good business opportunity.

It would appear that, for Fujifilm, 3D printing represents one such opportunity. Whilst the company has not publicly announced plans to manufacture its own line of 3D printers or 3D printing materials, its US arm is offering 3D printer service and technical support across the country. Although not a 3D printing company at its core, the company stresses its lengthy experience in “the mechanics and methods used to control diverse printing processes, including expertise in x, y, and z axis controlled devices”.

Fujifilm has been around for a long time, being founded in 1934 and opening their US branch back in 1965. Since then, they have grown into a very large company that employs more than 500 expert service technicians across the US. They also operate four major Tech Support locations, three Depot Repair facilities that cover both coasts, as well as two major Parts Distribution Centers. Included in their wide range of services are installation and set-up of 3D systems, flexible and customizable services that meet the needs of clients, on-demand repair and preventive maintenance, scheduled services, as well as operator and optimal performance training. They also offer warranty support.

At these locations, Fujifilm is offering installation and setup of 3D system elements, on-demand fix/break and preventative maintenance, warranty support, operator and best practices training, schedules service performance reviews, and assistance with CAD and 3D design software.

It is worth noting that the company did attempt to go down a different world of “3D printing” in the not too distant past. The company’s FINEPIX REAL 3D camera allowed users to snap stereoscopic photographs which could be viewed in 3D with a special viewer or printed on a special lenticular material in 3D. Unfortunately, this service has been discontinued by all of Fujifilm’s international subdivisions. Let’s hope its 3D printing services prove more of a success.



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