Mar 23, 2016 | By Tess

Earlier today, 3D printing filament companies 3D-Fuel LLC, 3Dom USA, and 3Dom Europe LLC announced that they were joining up to become one large company under the name 3DomFuel. The recently formed conglomerate is hoping to pool the research and development of the separate companies to form a larger, more productive, and internationally present 3D printing filament manufacturer.

3DomFuel will continue to offer the high quality 3D printing filaments of both 3Dom USA and 3Dom Europe, as well as 3D-Fuel’s most popular Advanced PLA products. From here on out, the company will develop and manufacture its new products under the trademark 3D-Fuel.

The merger, as stated in the joint press release, was a seamless one, as the involved parties share the same business ethos of manufacturing high quality, sustainable, and highly functional 3D printing materials. With their combined resources, the new company is hoping to be a global force in the FDM 3D printing filament industry.

Matthew Stegall, CEO of 3D-Fuel says of the new company, “We are very excited about 3DomFuel and what this means to our loyal customer base. Our new manufacturing capabilities will result in even higher quality than what has been available to the 3D Printing market. Being 100% centered on the FDM 3D printing market means we concentrate solely on what is important to all creators, from manufacturers to enthusiasts.  This, combined with our expanded infrastructure, will give 3DomFuel the ability to rapidly provide unique, sustainable, and highly functional materials to the global industry.”

Currently, the newly formed company’s products include Advanced PLA, Premium PLA, Wound Up, a 3D printing filament made from used coffee beans, Buzzed, a 3D filament made from organic beer brewing byproducts, Entwined, a hemp based filament, Glass Filled PLA, Biome3D a bio-based filament, and Dyna-Purge 3D Clean, a non-abrasive cleaning filament. The company is also working on developing new FDM 3D printing materials which it will reportedly release into the market in the coming months.

Jake Clark, CEO of North Dakota-based 3Dom USA, which developed Wound up, Buzzed, Entwined, and Glass Filled PLA, says, “We have a strong focus on utilizing waste materials and by-products from manufacturing processes to develop new materials that provide unique properties to the 3D Printing Industry. Under the new company, we will have increased production and R&D capacity, enabling 3DomFuel to increase quality and material options even further.”

Ciaran McMenamin, CEO of 3Dom Europe which is headquartered in Ireland, adds, “We are pleased to join forces with 3DomFuel, allowing us to combine our strengths in facilitating the development and commercialization of innovative functional printing filaments.”

As 3DomFuel is being formed, we at 3Ders are excited to see what types of innovative new products the newly formed conglomerate company will issue. We will be sure to stay tuned for any additional information regarding the new company, its leadership, and its 3D printing products.



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