Mar 25, 2016 | By Benedict

Xmodule, a fast-paced racing game being developed by Dublin-based G21 Studio, will offer 3D printable car parts and trophies as rewards for players. As gamers unlock more parts for their vehicle, those parts will become available to download as snap-together 3D printable files.

It is standard practice for video games to incentivize players with rewards, trophies, upgrades, and the like. Until now, the tradeoff has been a relatively simple one: Complete a virtual task; receive a virtual reward. G21 Studio, a husband-and wife-game developing duo from Dublin, Ireland, is looking to change that established system, by enabling players to earn something rather more tangible through their digital achievements.

G21 is currently developing Xmodule, a high-intensity racing game in which players can create and race their own personalized concept car. That in itself presents nothing new, but the game’s partnership with global 3D printing network 3D Hubs certainly does. To augment the gaming experience, G21 is planning to incorporate a 3D printing rewards system within the game, through which players can unlock printable files for new parts added to their car, or “module”.

The arcade-style, sci-fi racing game will combine two main elements: building and augmenting a concept car, and racing it. But in tandem with the digital evolution of each car will be a physical, 3D printable upgrade system, through which gamers will be able to 3D print a new component or accessory for their vehicle. These parts will simply snap it onto the existing elements of the car without glue, enabling players to build up their physical vehicle over time. 3D printer owners can download these parts as digital files, while others can use the services of the affiliated 3D Hubs.

“During the game you have to improve your module changing parts and settings,” explains Daniele Frau, co-founder of G21 Studio. “For each component that you'll change you'll see a graphic change on the car and for each part that you unlock you'll be able to print it downloading a 3D file directly from the game website. In this way you can create your game car and own it in reality.”

If Xmodule goes ahead as planned, it will offer users an exciting and unique blend of new and old pastimes. At surface level, the combination of a racing game with 3D printing seems as futuristic as it gets, but the model-making concept harks back to simpler times, when kids and their parents would collect pieces of a model railway one individual piece at a time. G21 also seems to have patience and longevity in mind with the creation of the 3D printing and racing experience: “I would like to create a never ending game adding during the time more modules, components and environments,” says Frau.

Xmodule has already been given the green light by gaming platform Steam, and is slated for completion by the end of 2016. G21 plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign in April in order to secure funding for the game’s further development. Xmodule will be available for Windows and Mac.



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