Apr 4, 2016 | By Tess

Japanese 3D VR and visual interaction simulation company, FORUM8, has recently announced the launch of its newest innovation: a holographic projection mapping system for 3D printed objects. The technology, which they have called the “Projection Mapping Table” could have a big impact on design simulation processes, especially in the automotive and home appliance industries.

The project, which was developed in partnership with the State of the Art Technologies in Expression Association, uses projection mapping technologies (or the practice of projecting images or videos onto irregular objects or surfaces) to turn 3D printed models into realistic looking simulations. Unlike regular projection mapping, however, the Projection Mapping Table uses a 360 degree mapping system so that no matter which vantage point the viewer is looking from, the projection is always in place.

The 360 degree immersive projection mapping table consists of five projectors, a monitor, a specially designed table, and an entire set of specialized equipment and software. Essentially, the multiple projector system has been set up in a way that when you place your 3D printed model, whether it is car or any type of home appliance shaped, onto the center of the table, images are projected onto it from the left, right, front, back, and top sides. On the table, behind the 3D printed model, there is also an embedded LCD screen, where additional images, such as backgrounds or settings can be displayed, further enhancing the effect of the 360 degree projection mapping on the 3D printed model.

FORUM8’s 3D Projection Mapping Table, which will be officially available for purchase this month, April 2016, effectively organizes the necessary components of 3D projection mapping, making the usually difficult task of synchronizing images and controlling various projections, much easier. In other words, the new Projection Mapping Table integrates all the necessary components, such as the projection configuration, synchronizations controls, and image positioning into one, easy-to-use holographic projection mapping system.

According to the company, their new system can be used not only to review designs during manufacturing processes, but also to dramatically advertise products in stores, or at exhibition halls. Imagine walking through the mall and seeing the latest car model as a projected 3D hologram, surely you’d stop to have a look.

The projection mapping device, which itself measures 1580mm x 1380mm x 2035mm, can holographically project onto a 3D printed model as big as 600mm x 600mm x 300mm. According to FORUM8, their Projection Mapping Table will retail for the set price of JP¥8,000,000 (approximately 71,638USD).



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John Pickens wrote at 4/7/2016 11:01:57 PM:

Sorry, this isn't holography, which is defined as: hol·o·gram ˈhäləˌɡram,ˈhōləˌɡram/ noun a three-dimensional image formed by the interference of light beams from a laser or other coherent light source. a photograph of an interference pattern that, when suitably illuminated, produces a three-dimensional image. This is a multi-aperture video projection system which wraps a 3D object with a matched image from multiple directions to simulate color and texture on the object. If you've been to Walt Disney World, they do this to Cinderella's castle every evening for a light show.

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