Apr 6, 2016 | By Tess

For our readers who have been anxiously awaiting the launch of BonaDrone’s 3D printed, modular Mosquito Drone since we last wrote about it, now is the chance to get involved, as their crowdfunding campaign has just launched on Indiegogo.

Barcelona based startup, BonaDrone, was founded by childhood friends Pep Martí Saumell, Josep Tomàs Vergés, Daniel López Hidalgo, Alex Cazorla Solà, and Jordi Grau Boladeras, who as a team were determined to create a new brand of drone that would allow its users agency in terms of design, and function. For over a year, the team at BonaDrone worked to develop a viable UAV product, and now with the launch of their 3D printed, customizable, and modular drone the Mosquito, they have almost succeeded.

With their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, which has a fixed goal of €45,000, the makers at BonaDrone are hoping to introduce their drone design onto the market and further promote the potentials of using 3D printing in drone design.

As the team at BonaDrone expressed, “We hope that our project will get a great reception, and see this campaign as a fantastic opportunity to spread the word about drones and 3D-printing, both inside and outside of the technology community. The aim is to give our users the tools and the knowledge to self-meet their drone expectations. We are also keen to receive feedback on our Mosquito drone, develop new products and accessories, and inspire creativity within the community we hope to create.”

The 3D printed quadcopter, which can be purchased unassembled for the early bird cost of €599 through the crowdfunding campaign, can be customized in many ways, including changing the color of its frame, the logo on the top cover, the accessories that are attached to it, and even upgrading what material is used in 3D printing the drone's various parts. So far, the team at BonaDrone have developed and tested two accessories for the Mospquito drone, a camera gimbal, which allows for stable video recording, and a hook which can not only transport objects, but release them on command. Additionally, the company has now made it possible to even upgrade your 4 propeller quadcopter into an 8 propeller octocopter!

BonaDrone’s Mosquito drone is also equipped with a number of autonomous flight features, including a Follow-Me function, flight panning, and a Return-to-Launch safety feature. The drone can be controlled via smartphone using an app developed by 3DRobotics.

Most exciting about the new 3D printed drone is the philosophy behind it: that of each maker and user being a part of the creation of their own drone. As the company explains, though they are happy to send out fully assembled drones, they encourage their customers to assemble the drone themselves, and to customize as much as possible. Additionally, the team at BonaDrone is calling out to the maker community to not only support their project but to help innovative with ideas for new features and accessories.

The perks for the Indiegogo campaign start off small, from 3D printed drone keychains for €15, to an additional t-shirt for €35. For €90 you can receive the Mosquito drone’s 3D printed frame in a number of colors, along with an assembly manual and a list of compatible mechanical components. As mentioned, the cost for an early bird disassembled drone is €599, and it will retail regularly for €675. The highest perk, for €1449 includes a fully customized already assembled Mosquito drone, including either both accessories or a carbon fiber pack.

The crowdfunding campaign, launched in partnership with 3DHubs, will be running for another two months, so if you want to back BonaDrone’s 3D printed project, check out their page.



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shaun lamont wrote at 4/6/2016 7:41:31 PM:

ooooohhhhhhh..cant wait to fund indiegogo on another massive failure.....

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