Apr 11, 2016 | By Benedict

3D printing service and marketplace Shapeways announced its latest 3D printing material: Black High Definition Acrylate. The new 3D printing material has been formulated for Direct Light Projection (DLP) 3D printing, and has been described by Shapeways as more durable and flexible than other materials of its kind.

Although Shapeways already offered 3D prints in 16 different materials, Black High Definition Acrylate becomes the online service’s first for DLP 3D printing. The Dutch-founded, New York-based business likens the new material to its existing Frosted Ultra Detail (FUD) product, itself formulated for Multijet Modeling (MJM), whilst emphasizing the superior durability and flexibility of Black High Definition Acrylate.

“We are excited to offer our new Black High Definition Acrylate to makers all over the world,” said Peter Weijmarshausen, Shapeways CEO. “We know how much our community enjoys creating incredible, unique miniatures and scale models and we’re thrilled to provide a material that lends itself so well to the creation of high-detail, customizable pieces. We aim to provide the highest quality materials for 3D modelers and designers and Black High Definition Acrylate is the next step.”

Although the new Black High Definition Acrylate material could be used for a multitude of 3D printing projects, Shapeways has highlighted one particular demographic which can benefit greatly from the new DLP 3D printing material. Model train and miniature designers can, purportedly, take advantage of the material’s increased detail for fine-edged models, as well as its smoother finish which affords a better paint surface for the post-processing stage. This smooth finish also makes the materials appropriate for use in 3D printed phone cases, jewelry, and other additive accessories.

Shapeways is a service which benefits those who can gain from 3D printing on an irregular or small-scale basis. Resin 3D printers typically come with higher price tags, so for model-makers and  small-scale designers who require high-quality 3D printed objects every now and again, use of an online, third-party service such as Shapeways probably represents better value than investment in a 3D printer. It is with this in mind that the company has targeted hobbyists as particularly valuable customers: model trains and figurines can be produced cheaply and easily via 3D printing, and with Shapeway’s 3D printing equipment and expertise, customers can obtain a potentially superior product than a homemade 3D print or store-bought product.

Leading figures in the modeling community have already expressed their high opinion of Shapeways’ new product: ”We're excited that 3D printed products are catching up to the kind of quality and detail that more traditional manufacturing methods offer," said Joshua Bennett, COO of Hero Forge. "Our audience is very discerning, and this new material allows for high quality, faithful translation from digital models into a physical consumer product. The incredibly fine resolution means our users don't have to trade detail for customizability. It's really just a great material for us all around.”

Shapeways’ latest material comes in grey/black, and has an accuracy of ± 0.1 - 0.2 mm for every 100 mm. Customers can order 3D prints in the material up to a size of 84 × 63 × 230 mm, at a cost of $2.99 per cm3.



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Nick Seman wrote at 4/12/2016 5:26:29 PM:

Does anyone have an idea as to which DLP machine they are using to print this ?

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