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A number of artists from around the world have, in recent years, begun to work with 3D printing, using the technological medium as a way to explore notions of art, the maker, and digital automated culture. In a recent artistic endeavour, American studio Emerging Objects has continued this exploration with their 3D printed pottery project fittingly entitled GCODE.Clay.

The project consists of a number of objects 3D printed out of various clay materials, like porcelain, bmix, terra-cotta, and recycled clay. What is special about the pieces is that not only do they explore the potentials of digitally controlled art making, but they also incorporate the almost inevitable elements of gravity, material plasticity, and machine behavior into their final products. As explained on the project’s website, “In this case the 3D printer is pushed outside the boundaries of what would typically define the printed object, creating a series of controlled errors…”

The effect of the 3D printed ceramics is quite impressive, as they are extremely detailed and possess uniquely varied textures, almost resembling knitted or woven fabric. GCODE.Clay has also expanded beyond the production of pots and clay vessels, making a number of ceramic wall cladding assemblies—resembling clay tiles—which bear the same unique textural qualities as the 3D printed ceramic pots. For their presentation, the assemblies of clay tiles have been hung up using custom designed 3D printed hardware.

The 3D printed pottery series was first exhibited at creative studio Space 2214 in Berkeley as part of its opening exhibition, “Pattern, Predictability, and Repetition”. The exhibition, which opened earlier this year in February, effectively explored pattern, predictability and repetition in the modern world through a number of different projects. As Space 2214 says of the exhibition, “It is a questioning of our habits, our relationships with our works, and our reliance on these three words in a system where those works are our livelihoods.”

The design studio Emerging Objects behind GCODE.Clay is run by Ronald Rael, a professor of architecture at the University of California, Berkeley, and Virginia San Fratello, an assistant professor at San José State University in the School of Art & Design. Rael’s work has focused on exploring activism through art and architectural design through the Chicano and land art movements of the 60s. San Fratello, for her part, has focused her work on the meeting point between digital, ecological, and building component design in architecture. Considering their individual and shared interests it is fitting that the two came to use 3D printing in their art process.



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