Apr 29, 2016 | By Tess

3D printing technologies have offered a number of small design startups and individuals the means to produce unique products on a small scale. From jewelry designers wanting to create exclusive but affordable products, as well as for eyewear brands wanting to offer custom frames, 3D printing has opened the doors for possibility. Of course, one of the primary concerns of marketing and selling 3D printed wearable products has been the quality of the finished product, and whether it really stands up against products made through more traditional manufacturing methods. Fortunately, to lessen the quality gap and to make 3D printed wearables even more viable than before, 3D printing company Materialise has launched their most recent product: Luxura.

Luxura, a premium consumer-grade finishing degree, was developed by the Belgian 3D printing company to offer makers a finish for their products specifically designed for wearables. That is, the Luxura finishing product offers a silk-like surface texture, smooth to the touch, and an in-depth color permeation, ensuring that your wearable’s color stays true. The product is available in 15 colors (each of which is on trend), including charcoal, ultramarine, ruby, lemon and many more.

Additionally, the Luxura finish, which is marketed by Materialise as being “the difference between a print and a product”, ensures durability, UV resistance, stain resistance, safe contact with skin, and resistance against perspiration. When considering that your skin and body will come into regular contact with the 3D printed wearable, whether it is a bracelet, necklace, or a pair of glasses, these safety and resistance features are very important.

Alireza Parandian, Materialise’s Business Developer says of the latest release, “We understand that when creating consumer products the look and feel is of absolute priority. It needs to attract attention and draw the consumer, reflecting the high-end quality of the brand. With Luxura we have created a finish that engages the senses and can stand out in the competitive landscape of wearables and consumer products. There is a perception with 3D printing that the finished products cannot compete with products made via traditional manufacturing methods and materials. We have worked hard to dispel this view, and demonstrate how, through collaboration, we can deliver solutions that blend the traditional craftsmanship approach with the cutting-edge innovation of 3D printing to make desirable products.”

Luxura was developed in line with the growing interest in 3D printing from a number of different wearable companies, including jewelry makers, and eyewear specialists. The new and innovative product was created to help make these 3D printed wearables as viable as their traditionally manufactured counterparts, and to help further the market for customized, uniquely designed, small batch products.

The finishing product is reportedly available through Materialise’s website, and if one of the prescribed colors does not suit you, Luxura can be color matched on request to best suit your product.



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