Apr 29, 2016 | By Andre

There are many things that simply wouldn’t exist were it not for the internet. The explosive popularity of Finnish factory owner Lauri Vuohensilta and his hydraulic press is one of them. But since we have the internet, there’s no reason why his YouTube channel dedicated entirely to crushing things with the press shouldn't have upwards of 800,000 followers in the short span of half a year.

With a lot of help from social networking site Reddit, the Hydraulic Press Channel first gained traction when the old theory of whether it's possible to fold a piece of paper more than seven times was tested out. From that point on, every video of Lauri crushing things gained more and more attention and his recent offering of him crushing things made on his brand new 3D printer extends that run.

In this new video, he crushes a slew of 3D printed models prepared for him by members of his reddit fanbase. And while it’s not much of a surprise that the 3D printed version of internet meme dickbutt had little chance of surviving the press, it remains an enjoyable way to pass another few of life's precious moments nonetheless.

Lauri spoke recently of his exploits with 3D printing and how his goal is to have several 3D printing episodes where people can send him files of their stuff to be 3D printed for the sole purpose of being crushed by his hydraulic press.

The Reddit thread for his 3D prints video is full of gifs and and reaction comments about the hilarity of the video (especially regarding how easy it was to crush “your hopes and dreams” before destroying a 3D printed version of those same words).

I’m not going to lie, as a nine year redditor I’ve already watched every one of the hydraulic press videos before this newly released episode came to light.

The reasons for the channel’s popularity are complex as they are simple. Jennifer Walker, a psychotherapist and professor at University of Maine Graduate School of Social Work suggests that “perhaps there’s some sort of adrenaline rush or cathartic release that happens by watching something get destroyed. It makes me think of toddlers who discover they can both build things and knock them down. It’s a very powerful feeling.”

Some suggest it has to do with his Finnish accent, others the short and straightforward nature of the content. Even Lauri wasn’t expected his channel to explode as fast as it did. “It’s been quite a surprise that it’s gotten so big so fast. I thought it would take three years or something like that to get this big.” he mentioned during a Skype interview with the Washington Post.

Whatever the reason for the channel’s popularity, I am thankful to minifactory for giving him his very own 3D printer and look forward to future episodes of him crushing 3D printed pieces for no reason other than the fact that he can.

There will likely come a day where my fascination for seeing things crushed using a hydraulic press subsides, but that day is not today. I fully look forward to more crushing of things, 3D printed or otherwise.



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