May 2, 2016 | By Alec

Ceramic has been somewhat overlooked as a viable high performance 3D printing material, as it isn’t as easy to 3D print as some competing materials. But that can all change in September 2016, as Dutch ceramic 3D printing experts Admatec have just announced that their first flagship 3D printer, the ADMAFLEX 130, will be released that month. An industrial-grade 3D printer for high performance ceramics, it will put a wide range of materials at the user’s fingertips.

Dutch startup Admatec has only been around since 2013, but have actually harnessed more than 20 years’ worth of ceramic production experience by merging two separate companies: Formatec Ceramics and Energy Research Centre the Netherlands (ECN). Their first success was the development of their own ADMAFLEX 3D printing technology, which has been based on Formatec Ceramics’ own DLP 3D printing solution. Like a resin DLP 3D printer, it essentially uses light processing to harden a mixture of ceramic powder and photopolymers. The results are extremely detailed, and have all the advantageous properties of industrial ceramics.

While Admatec initially only provided access to that technology through a 3D printing service, that experience has helped them to now develop a state-of-the-art commercial 3D printing system. With more than 5,000 production hours beneath their belt and a continuous innovation process that has been ongoing since 2013, Admatec has now completed a 3D printer they believe will provide the most satisfying ceramic 3D printing experience in the world.

What’s more, the ADMAFLEX 130 has some very interesting properties. For starters, it features an efficient reconditioning system that guarantees 100 percent effective material use through a clever recycling mechanism. Furthermore, their 3D printing technology is currently supporting a material that includes zirconiumoxide, aluminiumoxide and fused silica materials. These are compatible with silicon nitride and silicon carbide as well, while other materials (such as bone replacing hydroxyapatite) are forthcoming.

According to Admatec Europe’s managing director Michiel de Bruijcker, the ADMAFLEX 130 3D printer has the power to change how high performance ceramics are used. “This system will be able to play an essential role in developing 3D printing ceramics in many markets. We are eager to team up with customers in a wide diversity of markets [to develop] future solutions by proving solid business cases in their target markets,” he says.

Though not available until September 2016, the ADMAFLEX 130 3D printer can now be pre-ordered here. The initial series of 3D printers will cost just €75.000 each (or approximately $86,000 USD), which is on the low side for an industrial-grade 3D printer. If you’re interested, you can also catch the ADMALEX 130 3D printer live at TCT in Birmingham in September, and at Formnext in Frankfurt in November. Also check out the 3D printer’s performance in the clip below.



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