May 5, 2016 | By Alec

The Australian branch of international electronics reseller Computergate has just made an important announcement that could greatly affect Australian 3D printing hobbyists. The Melbourne-based branch has revealed that they are setting up 3D printer support services in Australia, and can already provide services for Zeus and Mojo 3D printers. This new program will provide numerous support services, including helpdesk assistance and extended warranty guarantees.

It’s an announcement that will doubtlessly be welcomed by all those hobbyists that have relied on 3D printer resellers for their hardware. To be sure, resellers have played a crucial role in expanding the 3D printing market. As a manufacturer’s distribution network is often quite limited in its scope, resellers are necessary to bring 3D printers to hobbyists in every corner of the globe. Through competition they are also playing an important role in pushing down hardware costs. Really there’s only one downside to relying on 3D printer resellers, and that’s when something goes wrong. If you’re in need of assistance, troubleshooting or even warranty claims, services sometimes fall short because resellers often just don’t have the capacity to deal with those problems.

In attempt to address those shortcomings in the Australian 3D printer market – which is heavily populated by resellers – Computergate Australia will now thus provide custom services. As the company revealed to Australian media, they will be offering on-site extended warranty, helpdesk assistance (during business hours), as well as telephone and onsite support.

To do so, the company has partnered with the Australian 3D Manufacturing Association (A3DMA), the national non-profit industry representative, who will help them coordinate the service through distributors and resellers. They are currently in talks with 3D printer manufacturers and vendors to set up services, and have already received accreditation for Zeus and Mojo 3D printers.

According the company’s chief executive Mario Greco, they hope that the existence of such a service network will encourage schools and businesses to take that step into 3D printing. “By implementing our managed maintenance programs we expect to deliver superior service offerings to support all products in the field that will provide our customers with a seamless experience,” he further said.



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