May 6, 2016 | By Benedict

3D printing marketplace Gambody has released its latest 3D model: a 490mm scale model of a T-62 tank, a vehicle once used by the Soviet and Russian armies. The 3D printable tank consists of 62 parts, and can be purchased for $39.99.

If you were one of the ambitious makers who tried to tackle Gambody’s 1:34 scale 3D printable Millennium Falcon, you probably a) haven’t finished yet, or b) feel like taking a break from 3D printing. But despite the 2-3 months of printing required for that immense Star Wars 3D print, Gambody users already have a new project to sink their teeth into: a scale model of a T-62 tank, inspired by both the real, historical vehicle, and a digital version found in the World of Tanks video game.

The real T-62 first entered service in 1961 as the Soviet Army’s upgrade to the T-55. Production of the fearsome vehicle continued until 1975, during which time it was sold to militaries across the world, including those of Cuba, Afghanistan, and North Korea—even the United States ordered a few for training purposes. As an homage to the industrial skill of the Soviets, and a challenge to makers around the world, Gambody has attempted to recreate the T-62 as closely as possible, both internally and externally, in a new 3D printed scale replica. Only a few minor changes have been made to facilitate printing.

Although not quite as complex as the Millennium Falcon model, Gambody’s 3D printed tank is full of detail, with the guns, fuel tanks, and movable caterpillars all digitally sculpted to 3D perfection after careful study of online sources and video game graphics. The 3D printed T-62 measures 492mm long with its gun in forward position, 156mm wide, and 137mm tall, and its designers have ensured that all 62 parts are no taller than 100mm and can therefore be printed on machines with a 18 x 19cm print bed or larger. Three pieces of the model (antenna, tip of gun, gearbox) require a layer thickness of 1.5mm, with the rest optimized to print on thicker layers. The timescale? Gambody's own expert modeler took around 80 hours to assemble the T-62, so take that into account when planning your next few weeks.

Makers can download the STL files for the T-62 for $39.99, and can use this 5-minute video (below) to understand the assembly process in full. Gambody also has more good news for tank-lovers: two more armored vehicles—albeit fictional ones—are set to be transformed into 3D printable models in the near future. The Vulcan Heavy Tank and Malcador Infernus might only exist in the world of Warhammer 40K but, had he been given the opportunity, Krushchev would surely have commissioned a few for the Soviet army.



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