May 7, 2016 | By Alec

If you find yourself in trouble and are chased through the streets by some mobsters, it’s great to have a smartphone with you. You can always dial 911, but a new 3D printing solution provides you with a much cooler second option. With the 3D printed Bat Signal light blaster, that can be held against your phone’s flashlight, you can now summon the only help you’ll ever need.

This is a very fun little 3D printing project by Mexican maker Josh Almeida, who goes by the handle Dalpek on Thingiverse. As the Batman fan explained, the idea came to him a while ago and kept following him around: a cool little tool for making a Bat Signal. It’s also very simple to use. Though initially working on a phone-latch, Dalpek has designed a handheld device that can be comfortably held against your flash projector. Due to lumens limitations on a smartphone, you probably won’t be able to shine the Bat Signal onto a cloudy sky, but the other side of the room will do just fine.

Warning: Batman not included.

If you’re looking for a cool 3D printing project for the weekend, definitely check out this 3D printed light blaster on Thingiverse here. It is easy to 3D print and requires no support. It can be completed in as little as 45 minutes with 0.25 mm layers. The model also comes with two holes so you can attach it to a keychain. “Once you have printed it, hold with two fingers in front of your phone's flash light to call for help!” Dalpek says. If you don’t have a 3D printer, you can also purchase a completed model from the Solid3D Etsy store for about $6.

With the basic CAD files from Thingiverse, you can of course also remodel this light blaster to cast any type of shadow. Why not incorporate a personal message or another cool logo? But then again, is there anything cooler than Batman?



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