May 10, 2016 | By Benedict

VerifyMe, a provider of embedded anti-counterfeit technology, today announced the first shipment of VerifyMe-protected, 3D printed mouthguards from GuardLab, with whom VerifyMe formed a partnership back in March. The shipment consisted of approximately 1,600 digitally authenticated products.

A high-tech solutions company specializing in product authentication, VerifyMe is changing the way in which companies look to assure their customers of product authenticity. By embedding proprietary security links and pigments into physical products, VerifyMe has devised a clever system for providing buyers with total assurance that the authenticated products really is what it claims to be. Many manufacturers are beginning to warm to this concept, with VerifyMe already providing its technology to producers of medical devices, pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements, baby products, cosmetics, and automotive parts.

Since March, VerifyMe technology has been used by the 3D scanning and 3D printing experts at GuardLab, a manufacturer of custom-made mouthguards for contact sports and dental issues.  GuardLab purportedly provides customers with the most mouth-specific guards on the market, using technology far more advanced than that used in most traditional mouthguard-fitting techniques. However, since mouthguards are small, simple-looking products that are easily to replicate aesthetically, (though not technically) counterfeits of branded products are common. GuardLab therefore sees VerifyMe as the perfect partner to help protect its product from counterfeits.

According to today’s press release concerning the first shipment of VerifyMe-protected GuardLAb mouthguards, the digital authenticating technology is not being embedded into the mouthguards themselves, but into the GuardLab packaging in which each guard is safely packed. Providing no serious problems arise following the first shipment, the two companies will look to continue their relationship for further shipments.

"This first shipment of products protected by VerifyMe technology was shipped on schedule by GuardLab in the second quarter of 2016,” said VerifyMe President and Chief Executive Officer Thomas A. Nicolette.

VerifyMe sees its collaboration with GuardLab as a stepping stone to further work with medical device manufacturers. "This marks our first revenue generating contract within the $321 billion medical device industry,” Nicolette added.

Around the same time as its partnership with VerifyMe was announced, GuardLab also announced a global licensing agreement with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). The mutually beneficial deal has seen GuardLab providing UFC athletes with 3D printed mouthguards, should the athletes wish to use them, all of which can now be implemented with VerifyMe counterfeit protection. Should UFC champion Conor McGregor’s mooted fight with boxing heavyweight Floyd Mayweather Jr. ever go ahead, (it surely won’t…will it?) then both GuardLab and VerifyMe will have to do everything in their power to ensure that “The Notorious” McGregor gets fitted for a 3D printed mouthguard—could there be a better piece of counterfeit-protected sporting memorabilia than that?



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