May 11, 2016 | By Tess

An Austrian startup has been taking Kickstarter by storm with its new product STABYLIZR, a 3D printed GoPro camera stabilizer. The campaign, which launched just a week ago, has already surpassed its €30,000 crowdfunding goal and the startup announced that it has already begun production of their GoPro accessory to fill backers’ orders.

Founded by Wolfgang Fallman and Miriam Boubatcha, the STABYLIZR was designed to offer GoPro camera users an affordable and effective tool for keeping their footage steady. Whether running down the beach, hiking up a mountain, water skiing, or skateboarding, the 3D printed GoPro mount and handle promises to keep your footage as steady as possible, eliminating any shakes or bumps that may occur on your ride.

The product is based on an innovative mechanical stabilization system which effectively absorbs and minimizes the GoPro user’s own body movements, making for a smooth video. As can be seen in the comparative videos released by the startup, the results are quite impressive. Made from a PAGF material (polyamide reinforced with glass fiber), the device is a lightweight (0.5 lb), waterproof, and battery-free system that will not hinder your active lifestyle.

The standard STABYLIZR comes with a basic grip made out of a durable foam that is also soft to the touch. As an added bonus, the product can also be upgraded to include a Power Grip, allowing you to charge your GoPro or any other devices while you’re on the go. If purchased through the Kickstarter campaign, you can get the Power Grip for the reasonable price of $34 (instead of the regular price of $55).

In terms of compatibility, the STABYLIZR can fit a number of GoPro models including the classic Hero, the 2, 3, 3+, 4 Hero models, and any other GoPro sized cameras. The GoPro accessory is also versatile as its head can be fitted onto any GoPro mount. According to the company’s Kickstarter page, the GoPro handle and stabilizer can also function as a sort of tripod, by placing it over rails, trees, or on virtually any sort of terrain for static shots.

Currently, the STABYLIZR’s final 3D printed prototype is being put into production to fulfil backer rewards. Fortunately, for those interested in getting involved with the already successful crowdfunding campaign, there are still a number of Super Early Bird deals left through which you can get the STABYLIZR with basic grip for only $100 or $134 for the additional power grip. If the Early Bird specials expire, the camera will be selling through Kickstarter for $125 ($159 with Power Grip).



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