May 17, 2016

Ricoh’s first branded high-end 3D printer is available now in Europe. As announced by Ricoh last year, the powerful RICOH AM S5500P 3D printer is capable of working with a wide range of polymers and powders and has been especially designed to manufacture large, highly detailed and functional objects in a single piece.

The RICOH AM S5500P is an industrial SLS 3D printer for high-definition and durable 3D prints. With a very large build area of 550 mm × 550 mm × 500 mm, the RICOH AM S5500P 3D printer is perfect for creating large components in one build and the production of multiple parts in a single run. The RICOH AM S5500P also features a smart re-coater which feeds new powder from both sides of the feed cartridge in order to provide consistently denser and high quality parts. The system functions with a wide range of materials as well. "In addition to the polymer powder materials mainly used with the SLS method, such as PA211 and PA12, universally applicable and highly functional materials PA6 and PP3 can also be used," the Japanese developers reveal. The 3D printer comes with Ricoh's own pre-configured settings for use with Ricoh approved materials, including Polypropylene (PP), PA6GB, PA11, PA12, PA12GB. Via the systems software, the user can develop their own parameters to suit the application with access to all settings. The system also offers PA1 and PP2 materials support – which are of strategic importance to manufacturers, particularly those in the automotive industry.

As part of its additive manufacturing business, centered on 3D printers, Ricoh recently set up its first RICOH Rapid Fab facility in Europe. Located in Telford, UK, the facility offers consultancy, training, design, manufacturing, post process finishing and measurement & inspection services. The facility also hosts demonstrations, giving customers an early look at the latest 3D printing innovations from Ricoh.

Peter Williams, Executive Vice President, Ricoh Europe, said: “The availability of the RICOH AM S5500P and relevant end-to-end services means that European businesses now have a single point of contact for everything related to additive manufacturing. This makes it easier for them to understand and deploy an additive manufacturing solution that can help improve their efficiency, productivity and entry to new business areas. Given the relative fragmentation of the market this is a significant development, as the printing of working parts on demand and the creation of prototypes enables businesses to meet their evolving manufacturing innovation needs.”

The RICOH AM S5500P is priced at JPY 75,000,000 (USD 684,321 / EUR 604,248 / GBP 472,525). It is available now in the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.


  • Laser output: 100W
  • Scan speed: 15m / sec.
  • Layer thickness: 0.08mm~0.20mm
  • Build envelope (W × D × H): 550 × 550 × 500mm
  • Printer dimensions (W × D × H): 2,100mm × 1,520mm × 2,400mm
  • Power supply: 3-phase AC200V ± 10% 50A 50 / 60Hz



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