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With season six of Game of Thrones in full swing, and everyone excited about their favorite characters and on edge about their most hated (ahem Ramsay Bolton), we decided to put together a list of our top free Game of Thrones themed 3D prints. From props, to wearables, to games - all the Game of Thrones memorabilia you need can be printed on your very own trusty 3D printer, or of course through your local 3D printing service.

Check out the list below to see all the best prints from East and West of the narrow sea.

1. 3D printed maps 

As any Game of Thrones fan will know, geography is a key part of the unfolding narrative, as the story is set between the fictional continents of Essos and Westeros. Even the show’s opening credits are dedicated to taking us through a 3D map of the Game of Thrones world, where we see the detailed animated layouts of each of the story’s main locations, from King’s Landing to Winterfell, to Castle Black, and east to Pentos, Braavos, Mereen, or wherever Daenerys finds herself. The following 3D prints, which are inspired by the opening sequence maps, are the perfect start to making your very own Game of Thrones 3D map. This model of Winterfell, expertly designed using Solidworks, can be successfully printed using 0.2mm layer height, 10% infill, 2 shells, at a scale of about 80x80mm. The Thingiverse user who created the 3D model 3D printed his own Winterfell on a Replicator 2 3D printer. Moving to Essos, you can 3D print a model of the Castle of Qarth, said to be “The Greatest City that Ever Was or Will Be”. The concentric model should take anywhere from 436-870 minutes at a scale of 150x148x40mm. You can also 3D print the Castle of Mereen, where many key moments in the series have happened, and the Castle of Pentos, one of the great Free Cities of the East.

2. 3D printed house sigils

Of course, what Game of Thrones collection would be complete without the crests of the ruling families? Whether you have a particular allegiance, or want to have them all, we’ve compiled our top picks for Game of Throne sigils. Our personal favorite is the House of Stark Direwolf sigil, which was uploaded by Thingiverse user SangreDeDrago and features the family’s motto “Winter is Coming” on its backside. If you prefer the dragon sigil of the Targaryen family, you can  also print that. The file is set up for dual extrusion, or can be printed in two colors using a single extruder by changing the filament halfway through. Though the number of families in Game of Thrones are innumerable, you can also find 3D files for the House of Lannister lion sigil, the House of Arryn crest, and the House of Baratheon’s mighty stag sigil.

3. 3D printed Oathkeeper Sword

As anyone who has ever tuned in for even half an episode of Game of Thrones knows, there is a lot of blood in the show, a lot. Behind all the blood though, are some truly amazing weapons, especially as each sword carries some sort of significance with it. One of the series’ most famous swords, Jamie Lannister’s Oathkeeper (which now belongs to Brienne of Tarth), has been turned into a 3D printable model, which you can recreate at home. Due to its large size, the sword has to be printed in several different parts, which can be easily glued together after printing. The sword’s maker suggests to print at 0.2mm layer height at 10% infill for the best results. After glueing the pieces together, you can airbrush or paint the sword for an authentic look. As an added bonus, here is a 3D printable version of Eddard Stark’s sword, Ice. To read about how the HBO show used actual 3D printed props, check out our article about this 3D printed dagger.

4. 3D printed Iron Throne

One of Game of Thrones’ most iconic monuments is without a doubt the Iron Throne. With wars waged over it, the Iron Throne is the most powerful seat to rule from in Westeros, even though its current ruler is not the most convincing. For your very own 3D printed Iron Throne, check out Thingiverse user Revennant’s 3D model. The maker suggests printing the throne as large as possible (to see the intricate design detail that went into it), with 15cm being the smallest size. Print at a layer height of 0.27mm, glue the pieces together, and paint the Iron Throne to your liking!

5. 3D printed Baratheon crown

Possibly one of the most despised characters in the series, Joffrey Baratheon, sat upon the Iron Throne for quite a long time. The crown that in turn sat upon his head, inspired by the mighty stags that are the sigil of the Baratheon family, still gives me shivers. This 3D printed replica of Joffrey’s crown would be the perfect Game of Thrones cosplay accessory or a great addition to a Game of Thrones memorabilia collection. Simply print the separate parts and assemble them with glue. Feel free to paint the assembled crown gold to make it look authentic.

6. 3D printed Hand of the King pin

For another great Game of Thrones cosplay accessory, 3D print this authentic looking Hand of the King pin. Designed by maker Hasier Goitia, who warns to “Wear with caution. The previous two Hands did not live long aftrer their appointment,” the 3D printed pin can actually be fitted with a safety pin to be worn. Before printing, Goitia suggests rotating the pin so that it prints with its flat side down, and scaling it to be about 9 or 10cm in length. The small, and convincing GoT themed pin could also make a great gift to a fellow fan.

7. 3D printed Direwolf

Moving North from King’s Landing, die hard Stark fans will appreciate this 3D printed low poly Direwolf model. While sadly not many of the Stark children’s Direwolves remain (or are MIA), the loyal and intelligent animals have been some of the most appreciated characters on the show. The low poly direwolf model can be printed in any color and painted to resemble your favorite direwolf, or you can even print all five to have them all.

8. 3D printed Stark wall deco

To further indulge the Stark family fans, we’ve found this 3D printable Stark sigil which can be hung up as either a wall or window decoration. The coat of arms, designed by Thingiverse user Efe Turhan, bears the snarling direwolf face that is the Stark sign, as well as their signature phrase “Winter is Coming”. The hanging should be printed with a layer resolution of 0.5 to 0.9mm, and should be printed with a 100% infill.

9. Melisandre’s Necklace

There is little doubt that the Red Priestess from Asshai, known as Melisandre, is an enigmatic character. As we learn more about her, however, it seems that much of her magic actually comes from the necklace she wears. While we can’t guarantee you’ll get any of her powers or be any more in touch with the Lord of Light, you can 3D print your own replica of Melisandre’s magic choker. Thingiverse user Jason Matses made this 3D model of the necklace for his girlfriend’s Halloween costume, and it could be the perfect accessory for a costume or cosplay. Print at 0.12mm layer height, 20% infill, and with 2 shells. According to Matses the print should take about 40 minutes, and when done the necklace can be assembled and painted to resemble the real prop necklace.

10. Daenerys Targaryen’s dragon necklace

To continue with the theme of powerful accessories, you can also 3D print a model of Daenerys’ dragon necklace. This pretty stellar 3D model was published just a month ago and was based on the prop necklace featured in the show, designed by design brand Yunus & Eliza. The necklace, which has to be printed in two parts and with supports does require some post-processing, such as filing, smoothing, and painting. Details for the post-processing can be seen in the video below:

11. 3D printed dragons

Along with the direwolves, Daenerys’ three dragons, Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion are show favorites, not to mention show stealers. Nearly every scene that the Dragons are present in is both rife with tension and breathtaking all at the same time. To round off your 3D printed Game of Thrones collection, why not pay homage to the regal and fire breathing creatures by 3D printing miniature models of them. While there are a number of dragon models out there, this one, designed by maker Michael Perez, was inspired by the mighty Drogon. The print, which measures 103mm x 127mm x 130mm, should be printed with 0.2mm layer height, and 10% infill. To go along with your 3D printed dragon, you can also 3D print these egg cases, inspired by the Dragon eggs on Game of Thrones. This latter model, which must be assembled, can also be painted to closely resemble the giant dragon eggs on the show.

12. 3D printed Cyvasse game

Last but definitely not least is this 3D printable version of Cyvasse, the chess-like game described in George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire novels. As is it not actually featured in the show, the design was purely inspired by the description of the game in the books. As the maker behind the design, Arian Croft, explains on his Thingiverse page, “I adapted the game to include everything mentioned in the book into a rules set I found believable for a game made during the emulated time period, while also keeping the games in mind that Martin has mentioned as inspiration during interviews.” Being a set-piece game, there are many individual pieces to print, including 3 Rabble, 3 Spearmen, 3 Crossbowmen, 3 Light Horses, 2 Heavy Horses, 2 Elephants, 1 Catapult, 1 Trebuchet, 1 Dragon, 1 King, and 1 Keep. Of course, as there are two sides, you’ll need to print these sets twice and in two different colors. The .STL files for the pieces reflect these numbers, so you’ll only have to print each type once, however. You can also 3D print the board, which Croft also designed, and paint it to be checkered.

We’ll be sure to stay on the lookout for more impressive and fun 3D printable Game of Thrones designs as the current season continues to unravel!



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