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Italy is already known for its large 3D printing sector, packed with innovative startups and research initiatives. But Zucchetti, one of the largest Italian software developers, is about to give another huge boost to that sector. They have just signed an agreement to acquire a majority share in the Milan-based FABtotum, one of the country’s foremost 3D printing, milling and digitization service providers. As Zucchetti revealed, this acquisition is the first step towards greatly expanding the commercial 3D printing market in Italy and beyond.

What’s more, Zucchetti might have the economic power to achieve that. A major software developer, they had a turnover of more than €386 million (approximately $430 million USD) in 2015 and have a client database that includes more than 105,000 active partners. They have been actively eying the 3D printing and digital making sector, which is blooming in Italy, for some time.

FABtotum, a startup that grew out of the Politecnico di Milano incubator and has an international presence through the EIT Digital Accelerator (reaching 64 countries), was obviously a juicy target. Both companies are also part of the Made in Italy Innovation Program, which seeks to achieve excellence in innovation and the digital manufacturing market. It has been one of the main drivers behind Italy’s focus on 3D printing.

As FABtotum’s CEO and co-founder Marco Rizzuto revealed, this is also a huge opportunity for them to greatly expand their 3D printing capacity. Their key technology is the FABtotum Personal Fabricator, a manufacturing machine that combines 3D printing with milling and engraving functions, and can be applied to a wide range of materials – from wood, foam and aluminum to copper sheets. “The system is modular, therefore, as soon as any new technology is available, it can be updated and integrated with a new module,” the CEO revealed.

As Zucchetti’s president Alessandro Zucchetti added, it was the combination FABtotum’s excellent technology and market presence which convinced them to move in. “With this investment, the aim is to continue our international growth. FABtotum, in fact, already has clients in 64 countries. 3D printing is definitely the most emerging sector and with FABtotum we are increasing our offer to the overseas market. Finally, I must underline the values that we share with this new entry into our group - continuous technological innovation is the core of Zucchetti’s corporate philosophy,” Zucchetti said.

This investment was also facilitated by EIT Digital, which believes that this new collaboration can give a huge boost to Italian innovation initiatives. “We have believed in FABtotum project since 2014, due to its technological uniqueness in responding to the emerging 3D printing market with a multi-functional product,” EIT Digital business developer Paolo Magni said. “Our efforts have been concentrated in identifying national and international growth opportunities for this company. Zucchetti, the leading Italian software group, is the most suitable partner for developing FABtotum’s industrial potential and multiplying its commercial penetration in countries such as Germany and the USA, where Zucchetti is already present. We can now state that FABtotum has moved from being a promising startup to being an Italian and European success.”



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#wheresmyprism wrote at 5/26/2016 12:48:29 AM:

There is no mention of the current Indiegogo campaign in which fabtotum have taken the money and have not delivered anything on the Prism SLA module. They raised $153k and for all intents and purposes have kept the money. Also the article does not mention that people have been waiting for more than a year for their 3D printers which they paid for to arrive but the production has been put on hold while they fix all the design mistakes. Anyone who orders a printer will be waiting at least a year if not more. Read the forums and the Indiegogo campaign.

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