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Hello Kitty, the iconic and ubiquitous character developed by Japanese company Sanrio in the 1970s, has gone through many decades of merchandising and media representations. From animated shows, to video games, and to webcomics, Sanrio has managed to keep their beloved anthropomorphic cat relevant even within technologically changing times. To keep up with the latest trend of 3D printing technologies, the company has launched a Hello Kitty 3D Print Concept Store at Shanghai Mart in Shanghai, China.

The Hello Kitty 3D printing shop celebrated its opening ceremony last week with the unveiling of a one meter tall 3D printed Hello Kitty model (said to be the store’s manager) at the store’s location. Many people, including Hello Kitty’s 3D designer, a number of industry celebrities, and the store’s founders were in attendance. One of the store’s co-founders expressed the excitement surrounding the new project, and of bringing Hello Kitty into the world of 3D printing.

Shanghai Mart Hello Kitty 3D Print Concept Store opening

Currently, the Hello Kitty 3D print store is just a showroom, where customers are welcome to browse and place their custom orders, choosing which style, material, color, and finish they want for their Hello Kitty product. In addition, names or messages can even be engraved into the 3D printed model for extreme personalization.

Last year in July, Sanrio Hong Kong and local 3D designer Marco King Chan launched a Hello Kitty 3D Printing Concept Workshop in Central Hong Kong. The shop offered clients the chance to not only customize their 3D printed Hello Kitty ornaments, but also to learn about the process by providing workshops on 3D printing Hello Kitty accessories. These workshops cost HK$ 690 (about $88).

Hong Kong Hello Kitty 3D printing workshops

Chan, who helped launch the Hong Kong 3D printing shop for Hello Kitty, explained that by combining the popular 3D printing technology with Hello Kitty’s iconic character, the brand was sure to gain some new fans, and give existing Hello Kitty enthusiasts a new way to engage with the brand. Hello Kitty’s Marketing Director in Hong Kong, Zhou KaiShan also explained that with the launch of the 3D printing Hello Kitty concept store, they are combining animation, culture, creativity, technology, and art to provide their clients with a new level joy and vitality through the beloved character.

According to the company, if the concept store proves fruitful and 3D printing continues to be a viable way of manufacturing Hello Kitty products, they plan to eventually set up an official flagship store in Shanghai to introduce more 3D printed Hello Kitty products on the market. The newly opened Hello Kitty 3D Print Concept Store can be visited at Shanghai Mart, on the 3rd floor.




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