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Nearly two years ago, micro-dispensing and 3D printing company nScrypt partnered with electronics company NovaCentrix to create an unrivalled, all-in-one system for 3D printing electronics. Together, and with a significant investment from FlexTech Organization, the companies were able to combine nScrypt’s top-of-the-line 3Dn 500 3D printer with NovaCentrix’s PulseForge to create the currently named 3DnPulseForge, a system which was recently named the winner of the 2016 Innovations Auditions competition hosted by the annual SME RAPID conference on 3D printing.

At the 2016 Innovations Auditions hosted by RAPID, nScrypt and seven other innovative additive manufacturing companies and entrepreneurs were invited to showcase their ideas and technologies to a panel of judges and investors. Keeping in line with the Auditions format of the event, each company was given five minutes to pitch its 3D printing innovation and explain how it could impact the additive manufacturing industry in a big way. Among those in attendance for the event were Trilion Quality Systems, talking about their 3D Digital Image Correlation for holistic measurement of material strength technology, Laser Design with their CyberGage360 3D scanning system, and a number of other candidates.

In the end, Orlando, Florida-based nScypt was selected as the winner of the competition. The 3D printing system developed by them in collaboration with NovaCentrix has offered a versatile multi-head 3D printer capable of printing in an impressively wide range of materials. Primarily, the 3DnPulseForge has applications in the 3D printing of complex electronics and hybrid circuit boards. The easy-to-use system can even print an entire working electronic circuit at the push of a single button, without any necessary post-processing.

Kenneth Church, CEO of nScypt said of the achievement, “Working with NovaCentrix has been rewarding on many fronts. Great collaborators can do great things together, and together we have created a new level of possibility for 3D printed electronics. We really appreciate being recognized by RAPID for our joint effort.”

Church hopes that the continued advancement of 3D printing technologies, like nScrypt’s own, will help to resurge the American manufacturing industry. He explained, “We used to be so good at machining here in the U.S. We can regain that position, but we can also do much more. Rather than just milling big bulk parts, we can 3D print and polish where it’s possible and then mill where we need to mill.”

nScrypt’s technology, by offering both precise and fast 3D printing capabilities, is undoubtedly contributing to additive manufacturing’s viability as a large-scale manufacturing option. Additionally, the technology also offers an unprecedented level of customization, which will impact a number of industries. As Church continued to explain, “Personalization in medicine will continue to be really important, but there will also be a bigger demand for it in consumer goods, as well. With 3D printing and the technology it enables, someday people will want more than just comfortable shoes. They’ll want shoes that can give them feedback and data, shoes that can talk to them.”

While nScrypt and NovaCentrix’s advanced 3D printing system has not been put on the market yet, the attention it has been receiving, along with having won top prize at the 2016 Innovations Auditions competition, indicate that the technology will be a disruptive force, not only in the additive manufacturing world, but in the manufacturing sector at large.



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