Jun 9, 2016 | By Benedict

Watch Dogs 2, Ubisoft’s forthcoming sequel to the Watch Dogs video game, will feature in-game 3D printed weapons. An official video preview of the third-person shooter shows a virtual handgun mid-print alongside other technical gadgets.

With the debate over 3D printed weaponry raging on, and with the 3D printer fast becoming an icon of hacker culture, it was almost inevitable that the developers behind divisive hacker-shooter video game Watch Dogs would have something to say about additive manufacturing. Luckily, they have duly delivered: yesterday Ubisoft uploaded a special video preview which shows that Watch Dogs 2, the forthcoming sequel to the original game, will feature in-game 3D printing of weaponry and potentially other items.

Watch Dogs, released in 2014 to fairly positive reviews, gave players a chance to dive into a world of crime, revenge, and—most excitingly—hacking. As well as the usual shooting, driving, and problem-solving, gamers could manipulate all kinds of electronic devices, massively the potential for weird and spectacular scenarios. Watch Dogs 2, set for a November 2016 release, promises more of the same, but with a handful of exciting new twists.

Gone is former playable character Aiden Pearce; in comes Marcus Holloway, a young hacker wrongly convicted of a crime he didn’t commit. According to its creators, the game will raise political questions about security and freedom, while still providing a lot of fun. Something we’re particularly excited about is the introduction of 3D printers within the game world. Although details are currently scarce as to how this feature will work, the recently uploaded video preview of the game clearly shows a 3D printer printing some kind of blue (or is it the light?) handgun.

As well as 3D printed weaponry, the forthcoming game will feature cool gadgets such as a user-controllable quadcopter drone. Players can use the quadcopter as a surveillance tool, and can even fly around the city with a cool first-person view from the drone. Lead character Marcus also has a handy RC car-type-thing, loaded with hardware for unlocking doors, breaking wires, and other important hacker tasks.

What we can’t be sure about yet is just how effective those virtual 3D printed guns will be. Perhaps making such a weapon will see you immediately arrested by the in-game cops, or perhaps the flimsy plastic firearm will simply explode in your virtual hands. Whatever the case, it’s certainly exciting to see the 3D printing process digitalized in a video game with phenomenal graphics and a healthy dose of cult appeal. Let’s just hope you can print nice things on it too, okay?



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