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Remember Choc Edge and their excellent chocolate 3D printing solutions? Perhaps the first successful developers of food 3D printing, they released the fantastic Choc Creator 2.0+ 3D printer in July 2015, which was designed to be as accessible as possible for chefs and bakers that lack extensive 3D printing experience. To make the creation of delicious and gorgeous chocolate desserts even easier, the British company has just announced two hardware and software upgrades. All newly shipped Choc Creator 2.0+ 3D printers will now come with Wi-Fi connectivity to make them easier to use in kitchens, while the company has also developed an accessible mobile drawing app that lets users instantly print their own designs.

Choc Edge has been one of the flagbearers of food 3D printing since 2011, when they first started 3D printing fantastic chocolate shapes. As you might remember, Choc Edge was really the first company that got anywhere with 3D printing food. Starting as an overly successful research project at the University of Exeter led by Dr Liang Hao, Choc Edge became the first to successfully market a commercial chocolate 3D printer.

This resulted in a series of 3D printers, with the Choc Creator 2.0+ being their current flagship. Lighter and smaller than its predecessor, it has been designed to be easy to use and big enough to create small batches of dessert toppings. As few chefs and bakers would enjoy having a laptop set up in their kitchen, it already featured an LCD touch screen and a USB drive, and is now thus completed with Wi-Fi connectivity. “This is great for users who wish to operate the printer via their computer in a kitchen environment where it might not always be convenient to use electronic devices like laptops. All future Choc Creators shipped will feature Wi-Fi connectivity,” the British developers just revealed.

Sticking to the theme of accessibility and ease of use, the chocolate 3D printing experts have also developed Choc Draw: an open design app for tablets that lets users easily creative unique chocolate shapes and 3D print them immediately. The company already released its web-based text and design customization tools a few months ago, and are now giving users complete control of design.

Right now, the Choc Draw app is only available for Android tablets, and uses the new wireless connection opportunities to connect to the 3D printer. “Using a stylus the user can create a unique design in the app which can then be printed instantly. To make it easier to create designs such as portraits, it is possible to add semi-transparent background images to make tracing easy,” the chocolate experts say. “Using single-line printing technology, the app is ideal for anyone who wants to create repeatable artistic chocolate designs.”



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