Jun 15, 2016 | By Tess

American fabrications supply company Maker’s Tool Works has just released its latest product: the MTW Create industrial-grade 3D printer. The company, known for its range of 3D printers, including the MiniMax, the Fusematic, and their flagship 3D printer, the MendelMax 3, has established itself as a leading supplier of high quality 3D printer kits over the past few years.

Their latest release, the MTW Create, is marketed by Maker’s Tool Works as the next step in their MendelMax series. The new 3D printer is a result of having refined and improved a number of factors of their earlier machines. Specifically, the MTW Create is reportedly faster, more reliable, and easier to assemble than earlier models, and is capable of extremely high quality prints, eliminating the necessity for extensive tuning or finishing.

Jeff Davis, CEO of Maker’s Tool Works, says, “The MTW Create is a big step forward in the market. Compared to competing 3D printers, we offer higher quality components, larger print sizes, and better features, all while maintaining one of the best prices in our class."

As is characteristic of the Oklahoma City based company, the MTW Create is available for purchase either fully assembled or as a DIY user-assembled kit. As mentioned, the DIY kit has been refined to make assembly as quick and painless as possible, with estimated assembly times ranging between 6-12 hours depending on the user’s experience level. With the pre-assembled version of the 3D printer, users can expect to print almost immediately (within an hour!), and with little calibration. The Fully assembled MTW Create 3D printer is retailing for $2,295, and as a kit it can be ordered for $1,895.

The MTW Create offers a number of features, including a durable and tested all-metal frame, and linear rails on all axes. Other improvements over the MendelMax 3 3D printer include built in WiFi with standalone printing from any web browser, and a user-friendly 5 inch color touchscreen to the left of the print bed. The MTW Create also boasts a larger print volume than the company’s previous printers, as it is able to print parts as large as 10 x 12.5 x 10” (250 x 315 x 250mm), while still maintaining a relatively compact footprint (420 x 440mm). The 3D printer is compatible with either single or dual extruders, the latter of which will not affect print volume, is equipped with a heated print bed, and was fully manufactured and assembled in the Unites States.

Run by engineers who are both 3D printing enthusiasts and experts, Maker’s Tool Works also offers its clients extensive product support both for the pre-assembled and DIY 3D printer kits. If ordered, the 3D printer will come with a 1kg spool of filament to get you printing as quickly as possible. The 3D printer kits can expect to ship within 1-2 days of being ordered.



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Phil wrote at 7/17/2016 10:59:00 PM:

Looks to be a very well designed Made in USA 3D printer, nice work. Something solid, good for business, linear bearning rather than drill rod. Sent from a RPI 3 which is used daily as cheap relaible, slower, internet computer. Electric bill went down "almost" $7.00 per month after switch to RPI 3 from large computer. Self a business ower of precision prototype sheet metal, machining, tig welding, metal finish. A solid built 3D printer would be so nice for one-off projects that require unusual shapes.

Mike wrote at 6/19/2016 1:07:05 PM:

Looks like a hacked piece of shit. Compare the price to a Vortrex that is well designed, enclosed and looks/works great.

Pulsar wrote at 6/16/2016 9:19:11 AM:

That is horrible looking slapped together plastic spreader.

GaryL wrote at 6/16/2016 6:08:15 AM:

Unimpressed is uninformred. The MTW Create has larger print volume than the Taz5. If you think the Create is just another Prusa I3 clone, you don't have a very discerning eye. The precision and sturdiness of the create is unmatched. It uses only the best components, such as the vetted E3D hot end and the full RAMBO board, not to mention the Raspberry Pi3 with touch screen. The X and Y axis rails offer amazing precision and service life. So far, I'm very impressed.

Unimpressed with Unimpressed above. wrote at 6/16/2016 4:05:26 AM:

It looks to me, that its industrial grade because it is built like a tank, unlike the Lulzbot or the Prusa. Also read up on printers. This is a next generation of a MendelMax (which by the way had this build volume more or less, for years) which is no where a clone of a Prusa. As for better features, you seem to ignore the lack of smooth rods (If there is one thing that all printer should get rid off, it is smooth rods), the extruder with main parts out of metal (Lulz still insists on subpar printed extruders) and others. Oh and still costs less than a Lulzbot. Id say its an awesome addition to the printers family.

Unimpressed wrote at 6/15/2016 9:03:41 PM:

Why is this "Industrial Grade"? All I'm seeing is a metal Prusa i3 clone with OctoPrint shoved inside an oversized base. [QUOTE] Jeff Davis, CEO of Maker’s Tool Works, says, “The MTW Create is a big step forward in the market. Compared to competing 3D printers, we offer higher quality components, larger print sizes, and better features, all while maintaining one of the best prices in our class." [/QUOTE] High quality components than other metal Prusa i3 clones? Sure, maybe. Larger print sizes? Nope, desktop machines like Lulzbot 5 have had that size print for years now. Better features? You added a touchscreen OctoPrint. Nothing revolutionary. Best prices in your class? 3D printers don't have very well-defined "classes", so that's pretty meaningless. And all for an exorbitant price point.

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