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I hope everyone has this Sunday marked on their calendars! While last month we celebrated Mother’s day with some very sweet 3D printed gifts, now it’s time for Father’s Day. So get your 3D printers revving because we have another great list of free 3D printable gift ideas, courtesy of the ever-giving maker community.

Free 3D printable Father's Day gifts #1. 3D Printed Cufflinks

If your father has a knack for dressing up and likes to hit the town (or the office) in a suit and tie, why not help him to spiff up his wardrobe even more with some original 3D printed cufflinks. The beauty of cufflinks, the small decorative buttons meant to fasten shirt cuffs, is that they can be as personal, quirky, or fun as you’d like. For a tech-savvy dad, these 3D printed Android themed cufflinks might be just the thing. You can print two versions of the Android cufflinks: fancy ones with a bowtie, which should be printed with supports, or without bowtie, which don’t necessitate supports. These sleek Batman cufflinks are also a great option, especially if you’re dad is a fan of the Dark Knight. For some more classic cufflinks, there are always le FabShop’s 3D printed cufflinks.

Free 3D printable Father's Day gifts #2. 3D Printed Best Dad Award

If you already bought your dad a “#1 Dad” mug last year, or if there is an empty spot on his mantle, 3D print your dad an award he truly deserves. This Oscar-esque design was initially created for an award show viewing party, but can easily be adapted to say “Best Dad” or any variation of that you want. Using a customizer you can easily add two lines of text to the award’s base, and then get printing. The print can be made using single or dual extrusion, and once complete can be painted or finished in the color of your choosing.

Free 3D printable Father's Day gifts #3. 3D Printed Chess Set

Sometimes the nicest thing to bond over on a day like Father’s day, is a nice quiet game of chess (or a rowdy one, depending on how competitive you are!). If your home isn’t already stocked with a full chess set, you can easily print your own pieces and board to present your father with. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of types of chess sets you can print yourself, whether you want a classic set, or a set with a bit of a twist like this one. The sets can be scaled up or down, and of course you’ll have to print them twice, each in different colors.

Free 3D printable Father's Day gifts #4. 3D Printed Golf Accessories

If your father is a golf fiend like mine, you know that there can never be too many golf accessories or trinkets. This year, don’t just settle for giving him a pair of argyle socks or a bucket of balls, however, when you can 3D print him any number of cool and useful golf accessories. This 3D printed golf ball belt clip, for instance, can securely hold two golf balls on your belt for easy access. This 3D printed golf multitool, capable of clipping onto a keychain or golf bag, is designed to hold your ball marker, fix your divots, and even open cold beers. Additionally, the multitool can be printed with a number of different designs, from a batman logo, to an 8-ball, to a smiley face. Finally, if your dad just can’t get enough of golf on the weekends, you can 3D print him this mini-putter to keep him in practice whether in the office, or in his backyard. According to its maker, the putter should be printed at a resolution of 0.3mm, with 3 shells and an infill of 20%.

Free 3D printable Father's Day gifts #5. 3D Printed Bike Accessories

If you’re not able to spring for a 3D printed bike this father’s day, you can still treat your dad with a number of 3D printable bike accessories, such as this excellent water bottle and banana holder. Dubbed the BaNanaBotCage, the ingenious 3D printable accessory is designed to fit easily onto your bike’s frame, and can fit a water bottle and two small bananas. The design should be printed with 0.2mm resolution and with a high infill. This 3D printed bike phone holder is also a useful accessory, whether you are listening to music on a country bike ride or need access to your maps. The 3D printable phone holder, which attaches to your bike with zip ties, is available in different sizes for a number of different phone models.

Free 3D printable Father's Day gifts #6. Smartphone car mount

If your dad is more into driving than biking, this 3D printed smartphone car mount might be more his speed. This 3D printed smartphone dock can be fastened to a dashboard and will adhere to any model of phone case with velcro. Needless to say, you shouldn’t be playing on your phone while you drive, but for maps or speaker phone, the mount can be very useful. The phone mount should be printed with 3 shells at 25% infill. Once printed, the pieces will require some simple assembly.

Free 3D printable Father's Day gifts #7. 3D printed tool storage

While you may not be able to 3D print your father a working drill or a top notch hammer on your desktop 3D printer, you can still print something to add to his tool collection. There are a vast number of 3D printable tool storage units out there, but we’ve picked our favorites, which any hand-man dad would be sure to love. This 3D printed tool wristband, which can hold different screw drivers heads on your wrist for your convenience, can be 3D printed  with a 50% infill. Maker Fernando Nosa who designed the wristband also suggests to put the screw bits into the bracelet as soon as the print finishes, while it is still warm. Alternately, you can also print this handy tray organizer for tool bits. The trays can be printed in a number of shapes and sizes and can be customized with your dad’s favorite color. For nails and small nuts and bolts, you can also 3D print this small storage organizer with sliding drawers. The impressive design is printed fully assembled with built in supports, and should be printed with 0.2mm layer height and 10% infill.

Free 3D printable Father's Day gifts #8. 3D printed mini basketball set

For a sport loving dad, who may not have the time to hit the courts on a regular basis, 3D print this mini basketball set, which can be fastened to any door for endless small-scale fun. The net, which can be printed without supports, can be easily attached to a door holder that can fit over the top of your door—the designer has also included a number of different sized door holders for your convenience. If you don’t have the right sized ball, the designer has also included a mini basketball that can be printed in two halves.

Free 3D printable Father's Day gifts #9. 3D printed car coasters

While not every dad is a car aficionado, this set of 3D printed coasters is sure to excite any father who is. The coasters feature a number of different car logos, from Lamborghini, to Bugatti, to Porsche and many more. The collection can be printed in a number of different colors, and are sure to be appreciated.

Free 3D printable Father's Day gifts #10. 3D printed bottle opener and holder

If your dad’s idea of a relaxing afternoon is sitting in the sun with a cold beer, we’ve got just the gift idea for you. Choose from one of these three functional 3D printed bottle openers: a one handed easy to use bottle opener, the universal bottle opener, capable of opening any twist or pop off bottles, or this wall mounted bottle opener. Needless to say, all three models should be printed with high infills for maximum strength. Both the one handed and wall mounted models also need to be fitted with a penny to open the bottles. In addition to the bottle opener, you can print your dad a handy bottle holder to keep beers from rolling around in the fridge.

From everyone here at 3Ders, Happy Father's Day!!



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