Jun 20, 2016 | By Tess

San Francisco based startup Fictiv has just launched a new hardware development platform, which is aimed at helping businesses to locally outsource their prototyping production. In other words, the new manufacturing platform will effectively give small or large businesses access to a network of highly vetted and local 3D printing and CNC machine services. Having access to this network will allow Fictiv’s clients to have their hardware prototypes manufactured as quickly and efficiently as possible, resulting in significantly shorter development cycles for products—from weeks to only days.

Fictiv, which was started in 2013 by brothers Dave and Nate Evans, was founded on the principle of increasing accessibility to hardware development resources, and importantly, of allowing businesses to manufacture locally. In following with this, the Fictiv Platform helps its users to streamline product development, and can deliver prototypes within 1 to 3 days (24 hours for 3D printed prototypes, and 3 days for CNC machined parts).

Dave Evans explains the inspiration behind his company, ”We founded Fictiv with the vision to build a more efficient manufacturing ecosystem. Fictiv is designed to empower engineers and designers with the tools and expertise needed to produce better hardware products, in significantly less time."

To use the online platform, clients simply have to upload the CAD file they want manufactured using either 3D printing or CNC machining, and Fictiv will offer an instant quote and the option of placing an order. Once the order is placed, Fictiv will match it to one of its vetted 3D printing or CNC machining vendors, and the prototype will be manufactured and delivered in a timely manner. So far the company has a number of notable clients, such as immersion circulator manufacturer Nomiku, and Mercedes Benz.

Fictiv Team

“Access to a variety of high quality prototype parts early in the development process enabled us to test our hardware designs to create intelligent and great performing features,” explains Rasheq Zarif, Senior Manager of Business Innovation at Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America, Inc. "Fictiv gave us the insight and quality we expected and need to prototype new parts quickly.”

Of course, Fictiv’s innovative system does not just offer businesses a quick and efficient way of manufacturing their prototypes, as it also offers smaller machining and manufacturing shops a way of increasing their overall part turnout, thus increasing productivity. In this way, Fictiv is creating a system that supports and bolsters local manufacturing ecosystems, a move which plays into the growing trend of localized manufacturing models.

Nate Evans says, “The US was once the center of manufacturing in the world. Today the country is still filled with some of the best manufacturing minds and expertise globally. However, many of these shops have been left behind without the needed technology and tools to compete against larger, centralized manufacturers. Fictiv is building a technology infrastructure to allow engineers and designers better access these experts, while catalyzing local economies to spur growth."

As of now, Fictiv is serving San Francisco and the Bay Area for same-day delivery. The company can also ship anywhere in the U.S.



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