Jun 26, 2016 | By Tess

Whoever said toys were just for kids will eat their words when they see this new line of 3D printed figurines unveiled by Brooklyn, NY based toy design studio Locknesters. So far, Locknesters has released the first of the new series, a 3D printed and expertly finished standing bear toy, that can be assembled and disassembled like a puzzle. The 3D printed puzzle bear would be a great addition to your child’s toy collection, or an equally great addition to your office desktop.

We first saw Locknesters in 2014, when 3D Hubs and Brooklyn based designer Fleet Hower partnered to create a series of six 3D printable puzzle toys. The collection consisted of a pig, a dog, a T-Rex, a bear, a duck, and a person, and while adorable and no doubt fun to play with, was admittedly a bit rough around the edges, literally. Now, having honed their toy making skills, it seems as though Fleet Hower and Locknesters are back and are making 3D printed toys better than ever.

While the old collection of puzzle toys were simply 3D printed, the new bear puzzle, which measures 11 inches in height, showcases a refined process, which includes 3D design and printing, but also traditional finishing processes, like sanding, tumbling, and buffing—processes which do not require chemicals. The result is a smooth, almost stone-like finish. Additionally, because of the hand buffing process, each finished toy will have a unique tone and finish.

As mentioned, Locknesters’ toys can be disassembled, and are essentially 3 dimensional puzzles. The pieces, which are 3D printed separately from a non-toxic bioplastic, can be fitted together to make a standing figure. As the Brooklyn based company states on their website, “Locknesters are a new kind of designer toy. They are the result of a fascination with unconventional geometries and a desire to make toys that encourage interaction. They could be thought of as three dimensional jigsaw puzzles, each model can be taken apart and assembled, used as a challenge to friends or a distraction from work.”

The 3D printed bear puzzle, which is retailing for $80, is made up of five pieces and is the first of the series. While there is no confirmation what other animals or shapes will be featured in Locknesters’ future puzzle toys, we would not be surprised to see some repeats from their 2014 collection—personally I am quite excited to see the new and improved T-Rex puzzle. If ordered, each Locknesters toy will come in a hand-packed custom wrapping, which can be reused to carry around the puzzle pieces.



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