Jun 27, 2016 | By Tess

French homeware and furniture company Miliboo has ventured into the technological realm of 3D printing with their latest collection of home decorations. The limited edition collection of interior decorations, a set of 5 customizable planters, will not only be 3D printed, but will also be made with the input of the consumer, in line with Miliboo’s “Up to You” philosophy.

Known for their reasonably priced and contemporary home furnishings, Miliboo will soon be launching their collection of 3D printed planters. The five designs, each inspired by an element of a traditional Mexican village (a windmill, and a number of angular roofed houses) is perfect for livening up your summer home deco, especially with its vibrant color palette of white, pink, and yellow.

The best part about the 3D printed planters, however, is the customization they afford to the consumer. Essentially, clients will pick the planter model they want out of the five designs (or a number of them for the whole collection) on Miliboo’s website, and which size and color they want the planter to be. Once the order is placed, Miliboo’s team will begin the printing process at their facilities using ABS plastic.

Notably, Miliboo has set up a live-stream for their clients to keep track of and watch their planters being made. This means that if you order a decoration from the store, you can watch, through a webcam and live stream video, your new item being created layer by layer. In a consumer environment where most manufacturing processes are obscured and hidden, this last feature offered by Miliboo is admittedly very refreshing.

According to the company, and depending on the size of the print, the additive manufacturing process for each planter should take about 8 hours. Once the product has been printed and processed, clients are invited to pick up their prints at the Milibootik in Paris, open 24 hours a day. Each 3D printed vase is retailing for about 7.90 euros (about $8.70).

Guillaume Lachenal, president and founder of Miliboo commented on the new collection saying, “Innovation and customization have been at the heart of Miliboo’s services since its inception. After Up To You, our concept for customized stools, chairs, and tables, this new offering is fully consistent with our strategy to offer a unique shopping experience to our customers.”

In addition to the new 3D printed collection, Miliboo will be dedicating a corner of their Milibootik to 3D printing technologies and 3D printed products.



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