Jul 11, 2016 | By Benedict

Treatstock, an online 3D model marketplace, has introduced a new “3D view” for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, enabling users to visualize 3D printable files in three different viewing modes: Colored, Metallic, and 3D Glasses.

In the battle to become the ultimate 3D printing marketplace, competing businesses are coming up with new ways to entice 3D artists, makers, and startups to their respective platforms. Earlier this year, MyMiniFactory introduced a collaborative 3D design platform, enabling users to work on 3D printable models as a team. Elsewhere, Shapeways and i.Materialise, two of the most well-known online 3D printing service providers, have been introducing new printing materials for their mail-order 3D printing services. Pinshape, meanwhile, has had to concentrate most of its efforts on simply surviving after almost closing down in March, but its acquisition by Formlabs has seen it re-enter the race and—with the backing of one the industry’s most beloved 3D printer manufacturers—could yet make a big comeback.

Treatstock, another 3D printing marketplace and an advocate of the monetization of 3D printable models, recently announced its own unique selling point: a new, multi-mode 3D view for 3D printable models. While this may sound like a fairly standard feature for a 3D model marketplace, Treatstock’s new visualizations actually offer some very unique advantages. The company seems to have approached the new feature with two key principles in mind: visuals and security. To maximize the visual effects of its new viewing feature, Treatstock has developed three different viewing modes. However, to prevent the unauthorized downloading and copying of 3D models, the company has also sought to maximize the security around each file’s source code, making it impossible for prospective customers to obtain the STL file for a model without paying for it.

Colored View

Metallic View

3D Glasses View

First things first, Treatstock’s three new viewing modes all seem like a lot of fun, and it’s fair to say that customers who enjoy browsing the new look of the marketplace will probably be more enticed to actually buy the 3D models available. Well played, Treatstock! The platform’s first new viewing mode, the Colored View, enables user to see a 3D model in a particular color, chosen from the available pallet. The second viewing mode, Metallic View, gives users a chance to visualize a 3D model as it might look when printed in—you guessed it—metal. By accentuating the lines and contours of the model, the viewer can give a fair preview of how a model will look as a 3D printed metal object. The third viewing mode, perhaps the most exciting, is Treatstock’s 3D Glasses View, a first-of-its-kind visualizer which completely brings the 3D model to life when viewed through cinema-style 3D glasses.

Despite the advanced nature of these new viewing modes, Treatstock has promised that minimal bandwidth is required to load up the 3D models, allowing the viewer to run seamlessly on low-speed internet connections. As mentioned previously, the viewer will also prioritize security, making it impossible for potential customers to obtain the STL file for the 3D model without purchase. In addition to its new 3D view, Treatstock is planning a number of other new features which it hopes will bring its 3D model platform to the top of the pile. We await further news.



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