Jul 21, 2016 | By Tess

Polish 3D printer manufacturer Zortrax is getting into the summer spirit with its latest hot sale. For the next three days (July 20-22) clients will be able to benefit from a buy one, get one half price sale for Zortrax’s M200 3D printers, for filament (if you buy 16 spools of the company’s Z-Series materials you’ll get another 16 spools at 50% off), or for the Zortrax Accessory Pack, which includes a nozzle, hot end, platform, wires, and side covers.

This is not the only exciting news to come from the 3D printer company this summer however, as Zortrax also unveiled its new, and much larger 3D printer the M300 last month at the Additive Manufacturing Europe 2016 Expo in Amsterdam. The new 3D printer quite literally expands on the company’s earlier model, the M200 3D printer, and boasts an impressive 300x300x300mm build space (the M200 features a 200x200x180mm build space).

Not only concerned with developing 3D printer products, Zortrax has also been widening its horizons into a number of different fields including education and fashion, to name but a few. For instance, Zortrax’s 3D printers have been helping school children in Mexico to learn about additive manufacturing, 3D design, and other emerging technologies to better prepare them for the growing technological job market.

The educational program, which was put together by Ideas Disruptivas, a Mexico-based Zortrax reseller, and a Tabasco, Mexico-based school, is aimed at introducing children to emerging technologies as well as making the technologies and quality education more accessible to Mexico’s younger population. The program, called Academia de la Innovacion (Academy for Innovation), has so far been offered to 250 students, who are given access to computers and Zortrax M200 3D printers. Included in the curriculum are 3D design (through Z-Suite) and 3D printing, as well as learning about the Internet of Things, drone building, and web applications.

Zortrax stated on its blog: “As a 3D printing manufacturer we would also like to educate many about the utility of this technology, so we strongly support such initiatives and are really happy that we can contribute, maybe to the part of a bigger transformation of the education in Mexico.”

The Polish 3D printer manufacturer has also become more involved in the field of fashion, as its 3D printers have been used by a number of emerging fashion designers, including Macedonian designer Irina Tosheva, and more recently Polish designer Joanna Sikorska, who has brought 3D printed elements into the realm of ready-to-wear fashion.

While Sikorska’s designs are not fully 3D printed, her integration of 3D printed components into her pieces is unique and ornamental. The freedom of design afforded by 3D printing technologies has allowed the young designer to embellish her clothing designs with a wide range of pieces, from animal silhouettes, to architecturally inspired details. Currently, Sikorska has two collections, Joanna Sikorska and Insolence. The former collection is characterized by light, feminine pieces whose 3D printed elements have been largely inspired by nature. Insolence, for its part, is an edgier collection that draws inspiration from street fashions and incorporates bolder 3D printed pieces.

If you’re a fan of Zortrax’s work, be sure to check out their buy one, get one half price sale which is running until July 22nd, 2016.



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