Jul 27, 2016 | By Benedict

Jon Cleaver, designer of the 3D printed “Poké Ball Aimer” iPhone gadget, has temporarily closed his Etsy shop in order to catch up with the flood of orders placed for the Pokémon Go hack. The shop will reopen in a few days with new models for Samsung and Apple phones.

Two days ago, we brought you news of this incredible/hilarious 3D printed Pokémon Go iPhone gadget, an expertly designed finger-guiding tool which lets Pokémon Go players throw their Poké Balls in perfectly straight lines. Yes, somebody really made this product; something that is essentially a kid’s bowling ball ramp…for an iPhone…for adults…hunting Pokémon. Given the immense popularity of Pokémon Go, and given how much of a dirty cheat everyone is when there’s a Charizard in the vicinity, the aiming device naturally flew off the (virtual) shelves of Cleaver’s Etsy store. Unfortunately, they flew a little faster than Cleaver expected, so the designer has had to temporarily close his store to catch up with the first batch of orders.

“Due to an OVERWHELMING demand I need to close the store for a few days whilst I catch up with demands,” Cleaver wrote on his Etsy page. “Don’t worry, I will be back in just a few days with more models designed, such as for Samsung phones, iPhones, and many more. Don't hold back from sending me messages or requests for models.”

The initial version of Cleaver’s 3D printed gadget was made for the iPhone 6. By exposing a narrow strip of the center of the screen between solid plastic sides, the tool enables Pokémon Go players to swipe their finger in a perfectly straight, upward motion—something they must do to “catch” their on-screen Pokémon target with a “Poké Ball.” Without the 3D printed guides, players are liable to accidentally swipe at an imperfect angle, causing the Poké Balls to miss their target. Prior to shutting down his Etsy store, Cleaver had been printing the gadget in ABS plastic and selling it for less than $10 apiece. The designer is yet to specify the price of his forthcoming designs.

For Pokémon Go fanatics who have access to a 3D printer, we have good news: you needn’t wait for Cleaver to reopen his Etsy store, because the designer has kindly made the STL files for his gadget available to download on Thingiverse. He recommends 3D printing with supports to maintain the arch at the top of the gadget and to prevent warping in the walls.

Looking for more 3D printed Pokémon goodies? Check out this 3D printed Pokédex phone battery case or our list of awesome 3D printed Pokémon creations, published earlier this year to celebrate Pokémon’s 20th birthday.

Finally, if you want to improve your Poké Ball aim but find the idea of 3D printed finger guide utterly absurd, try following the simple advice offered by MarshallKnowsStuff in the video below. It’s not even cheating!



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